East Atlalandr

Flag: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/the_east_pacific/download/file.php?id=604237
Nation Name (long): Social Republic of Atlalandr
Nation Name (short): East Atlaland

Motto: Lenge leve folket! Lenge leve Atlalandr! (Long live the people! Long live Atlalandr!)
National Animal: Mountain Fox
National Anthem: Nasjonen marsjer i et! (The nation marches as one)

Capitol: Veridal
Largest City: Veridal

Demonym: Atlalandian
Language: Atlalandian, Ngodian and Nys’tat’en
Species: 70% Human, 15,2% tieflings, 9,8% kemonomimi and 5% elves
Population: 20,012,567
Government type: Parliamentary Republic
**Leader(s): **
President Ørn Gerjikdal
Prime Minister Sanna Vakrela
**Legislature: **Arbeidertinget (Worker’s Assembly)
Formation: 1st September 2001
**Total GDP: **225 billion
GDP per capita: 11,250
Currency: Atlalandian dollar

**Calling Code: **3 digit code.
ISO 3166 code: SRA
Internet TLD: .sr

**Historical Summary: **

Social Republic of Atlalandr or better known as East Atlalandr is a state that is the very remnant of republicanism and socialism of Atlalandr that the short lived Republic of Atlalandr was founded upon in 1964. Republic of Atlalandr formed after the abolishment of the Atlalandian monarchy, mainly as a result of the unpopularity of the continuously conservative government’s refusal to deal with economic inequality caused by the mass export of agricultural goods to Norgsveldet that was sold on massive discount. This overreliance with Norgsveldet was seen by socialist and republican parties in Atlalandr as the natural result of the royal connections between the two royal families. The main socialist party opposing Norgsveldet being Atlalandian Einarist Party (AEP), building up from their left wing nationalist ideals that was made by the Norgsveltian socialist philosopher Remir Eina. Which mixed nationalism and socialism into one ideology to unite the working class against foreign finance. With the republic established, this new Atlalandr was quickly becoming a good friend of South Hills, who jumped at the opportunity of getting Norgsveldet’s most important agricultural supplier into its sphere of influence. Not wanting to be outplayed in the Concordian Cold War between the two nations, Norgsveldet responded in turn by having the NCIS supplying underground monarchist and conservative paramilitary units which would then start the Violet Revolt in Ulvik. Which would see monarchists led by Brigadier General Hanna Mjøldal occupying the city and proclaiming the restoration of the monarchy.

The Atlandian Republican Army was in disarray as reports of soldiers and officers defecting to the monarchists cause. Soon what started as a simple revolt in Ulvik, became a full restoration attempt in which the monarchist got full support from a Norgsveltian-Vistari coalition starting the Violet Restoration War (1966-1968). Quickly making the conflict into a proxy war between Norgsveldet/Vistaraland and South Hills. By 1967 however, the Republicans were pushed to the most Eastern part of the country. The most underdeveloped part with large tiefling reservations. On the 21st January 1968, the war ended as Norgsveldet and South Hills were getting tired of the conflict. As such through external pressure monarchists and republicans agreed on a cease fire. With Hanna Mjøldal leading the monarchists, and President of the Republicans Bjørn Lotir finally signing the document for a ceasefire. Though no peace has been established even to this day.

Bjørn Lotir’s decision to sign the ceasefire declaration ended up becoming a fatal one for the Republic as whole as the fragile left wing coalition that was available to keep the nation working. Fell apart. With the AEP storming as the most prominent party in the Republic by the 1970 Election of that September. With AEP leader, Veri Våld, becoming the president of the Republic and her party having full majority in parliament, the system of government by 1971 was replaced from the system of the semi-presidential republic to a One Party Einarist Republic. Renaming the Republic of Atlalandr to the Union of Atlalandr. With Veri’s main focus being militarization, industrialization, urbanization and nationalization of the country. Turning what was the rural backwater of Atlalandr, to more urban backwater. Many foreign companies mainly from SH were nationalized, much to the anger of the Concordian government. Conscription was heavily enforced. Collectivisation of farmland was introduced, and a secret police force was introduced. Nationalist and socialist propaganda was introduced in schools and broadcasting. Heavy censorship was placed on any foreign media. Tiefling reservations were established as their own autonomous republics, and were exempt from the State Enforced Atheism that much of the rest of the nation had to endure. Though seeing an initial rise in economic prosperity and welfare, by the 90s East Atlalandr was heavily lagging behind its western counterpart. Result of the lack of economic competitiveness, the consequences of forced urbanization, large scale corruption and heavy isolation from the rest of the international community.

On the 6st August 1997, Union President Veri Våld, died at the age of 96. Her successor was Ørn Gerjikdal, whose ideals of reforming the nation into a democratic republic and large prosperity made him well loved by his people and party. In January of 2000 he made an official reveal to the country and the world of his democratization efforts. Hardliners in the military threatened a coup but with South Hill’s president threatening intervention if such a coup was to occur the military hardliners backed down. Then promptly purged from their positions. Parts of the economy were privatized but done in a slow safe manner to ensure party oligarchs were not going to buy it up. Foreign investors were allowed in again, though with a high corporate tax rate.

On 1st September 2001, the Social Republic of Atlalandr was declared as a parliamentary Republic. In which all non reactionary parties were legalized, in which parliamentary election was declared the same year. Ørn Gerjikdal, has kept his position as the president of the Republic ever since, though real political power lay in the prime minister bound by the legislature. In which the AEP have completely lost their dominance, though still a major political party but only kept up by the love charm people have for the president. With the current prime minister coming from the reborn Socialist Republican Party, that was originally banned by the AEP. Though the economy of East Atlalandr has grown massively in the last two decades with prosperity never seen before. It has become increasingly dependent on South Hills for said growth and prosperity. While politically stable under the presidency of Ørn Gerjikdal, his ailing health has put a major question into everyone’s mind.

Will the Republic survive his death?

Green be Veridal (capital)
Yellow should be at the coast is Soport
Red be Frontborg
Black be Sortborg

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