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Fighting Continues in Airbus UK
Airbusian PATRIOT Missile Launcher firing at an Iremian Aircraft
PORT JENNIFER: Close-quarters combat has persisted into the afternoon today as Iremian forces continue to advance through the city despite heavy resistance. On the reverse, though outnumbered and out gunned, the Airbusian defenders have carried on giving up an extraordinary fight.

Their defense was facilitated when Airbusian anti-aircraft launchers such as the PATRIOT Missile Launcher pictured above decimated an intended mass bombing and cruise missile attack on the country at large. Iremian forces, which had counted on the strikes to stop reinforcements from flowing into the city, were shocked when said operation failed.

Meanwhile, in the south of the country, a standoff between Bakastrovian, Airbusiand, Iremian, and Kangarawan forces has continued. The standoff, partially a result of continued Iremian air strikes in the area and partially a result of Iremian hesitance to assault an area containing international aid workers has left what was fore-casted to be one of the larger combat zones relatively unaffected.

Reports of a mass purge by Intern President Darbat Singh of those sympathizing with Iremian forces or forces loyal to the nation’s deposed President have yet to be confirmed. Also unconfirmed are reports of the bombing of a civilian apartment building within Port Jennifer.

Democratic Revolution Erupts in Bai Lung

Bai Lungese Police on the Retreat
Port Mao: Police and Government forces have been forced into full retreat across Bai Lung as pro-democratic riots have escalated in frequency and strength. Of course, after the damage done by the Civil War earlier this year and the continuing Dannistrian invasion, it is not difficult to understand the inability of either of Bai Lung’s governments (the nationalists or communists) to put down the rising democratic front.

Of yet, no person has claimed leadership of the democratic revolution. In fact, no official revolution has been declared; thus far, it has simply consisted of random riots across the nation. However, any new dictator will undoubtedly have trouble attempting to regain control of the nation in the coming months. Whether a democratic government will have much easier of a time is another question.

Unofficial Truce in Korean/Looplite War
Korean Soldiers Enjoying Their Escape from the Trenches
Cupertino: Though no official cease fire has been declared, fighting across the Korean/Looplite front has come to a sudden and complete end. With the exception of some minor skirmishing, the Korean invasion of 1 Infinite Loop seems to have come to a peaceful end.

The invasion, which began last year, almost immediately came to a standstill in the face of a resurgent 1 Infinite Loop. Since that point, a stalemate has continued, with both sides repeatedly attempting but failing to advance. By the time fighting lulled about a month ago, both sides had become fully entrenched in world war one style.

Whether this unofficial truce will lead to an official cease fire or even a peace treaty is yet to be seen; this reporter can only hope so.

Tragedy Strikes Kangarawan Leadership
Firefighters Attempt to Quell the Flames at the Vice-President’s Manor
The family of Kangarawan Vice-President Chantal Scythes died last week in a tragic fire which devestated the suburban home at which they were residing. Though foul play has officially not been ruled out, the fact that the family was being protected by several agents of the Kangarawan government makes this seem unlikely.

At the time of the fire, Scythes was far from the home, having chosen to live apart from her family around six months ago due to death threats made against her. The Vice-President’s husband of eight years, David Scythes, two children, Michaela and Joshua Scythes, and four Kangarawan Secret Service agents of unknown identity perished in the fire.

Dead are the Vice President’s husband of eight years, David, her six-year old daughter, Michaela, her three-year old son, Joshua, and four Secret Service agents. A single firefighter was reported injured during the fire department’s unsucesful attempts to quell the flames and rescue the family.

A memorial service is expected to be held in the next few days.

Dannistrian Forces Advance
Dannistrian Infantry on the Outskirts of the City
SING REN - After several weeks of heavy fighting in the suburbs of Sing Ren, Dannstrian forces have finally begun to make serious headway. Foward Dannistrian units have reported reaching the edges of the metro city area.

The advance marks the beginning of the defeat of the final major nationalist force in Bai Lung, which has refused to surrendur despite the fall of the nationalist government. Though no nationalist representative was available for comment,a captured nationalist officer did tell EPOP Reporter Tom Hesk that his men continued fighting because they were unaware of the fall of the defeat of the rest of the nationalists. In fact, he himself only believed Dannistrian claims of victory after speaking to Hesk. It can only be assumed from this statement that most of the Nationalist Army in Sing Ren will continue fighting out of a useless hope of being reinforced.

Once the city falls, the entire nation will have been secured by Dannistrian forces, though much of the country remains entirely unoccupied.

Dannistaan Announces Plans for Bai Lung Occupation
A Map of the Bai Lung Occupation Zones
PYONGJIN - At a press conferance hosted yesterday, Dannistrian General Duh’rahn N’outah officially announced the nation’s intention to include other nations in restoring order to war-torn Bai Lung. The announcement came after Dannistrian troops began making serious headway in the single remaining nationalist stronghold, Sing Ren.

According to N’outah, Bai Lung will be split into four seperate occupation zones. The first zone (Zone A on the map above) will be occupied by the Free Pacific States; the second zone (Zone B) will be occupied by Dannistrians themselevs, the third zone (Zone C) will be occupied by Dovakhanese forces, and the final zone (unshown on the map above, consisting of Bai Lung’s mainland territories) will be occupied by Coocoostan.

Though the Dannistrians will retain ultimate control over the entirey of Bai Lung, they noted that each occupying authority would be allowed some autonomy in it’s peacekeeping operations. However, Dannistrian officials have stressed the need for cooperation between the four occupying powers.

At this time, there is no reliable estimate as to how long the occupation will persist; the Dannistrians have noted their intent to remain in Bai Lung until a stable, democratic government has been established.

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Ground Fighting Begins in Port Jennifer

New Iremian Troops Land Just Outside the City
PORT JENNIFER - After almost a week of intense aerial bombing, covert operations, and naval bombardment, New Iremian ground forces today began landing in and around Port Jennifer. Though they have received minimal resistance from enemy forces, the New Iremians have come under heavy artillery fire. More information will come as it is made available to the EPOP.

Regional Court Voids Executive Order

An East Pacific Fridge Owl
In a statement earlier today, East Pacific Viceroy Daniel Hawlen viciously attacked the UN Delegate Nicholas Richardson of the East Pacific, accusing not only of directly violating the East Pacific Charter but also of attempting to circumvent a Magisterial Assembly Act in order to commit genocide.

The statement came after Chief Barrister Michaela J. Hill of the East Pacific asked the Regional Court to review a recent executive order passed by Delegate Richardson, the head of the executive branch of the East Pacific. The order, which called for the immediate relocation of all Fridge Owls within the East Pacific to other regions, specifically noted that the Magisterial Assembly’s Protection of Fridge Owls Act “is only applicable within the East Pacific region, so if such act were to be violated outside the East Pacific region, there would be no repercussions.” This statement led to a great deal of speculation as to the order’s true intentions, with many East Pacificans, including the Grand Vizier, agreeing that the command was designed to allow for the slaughter of Fridge Owls outside of the Jurisdiction of the East Pacific Government.

Complying with Hill’s Request, Viceroy Hawlen reviewed the Executive Order, quickly declaring it to be in violation of the East Pacific Charter as it was not within the scope of the power of the East Pacific Executive Branch. After voiding the order, Hawlen went on to personally attack the Delegate, alleging him to be attempting to circumvent a Magisterial Order in order to commit genocide.

Of yet, the Delegate’s Office has refused to make any comment, though mention has been made of appealing the decision.

Executive Branch Prepares to Battle Judicial, Legislative Branches
In a shocking turn of events, the Delegate’s Office is preparing to wage war against members of all three Branches of Government, mainly of the Judicial and Legislative Branches. The news comes after an executive order, issued by Delegate Nicholas Richardson earlier this afternoon, was overruled by Viceroy Daniel Hawlen of the East Pacific Regional Court.

“Obviously, there is question as to the intent of the Viceroy, and his supporters,” said Richardson in a telephone interview. The Delegate is referring to Chief Barrister Michaela J. Hill, who spoke out against the Delegate’s decision to issue the order, as well as some members of the Magisterial Assembly, and even the Grand Vizier, the second-highest member of the Executive Branch.

“I’ve called for an investigation into the Viceroy’s actions, and have instructed Solicitor General Francis Karajan to file an appeal with the Appeals Court,” Delegate Richardson continued. “Meanwhile, I’ve suggested that what was specified in the executive order be carried out, even though I clearly had full right under the East Pacific Charter to issue the order.”

There is some degree of speculation that, prior to the appeal, the Delegate will nominate two more judges to the court, which would make for a lengthy appeals process, if the two appointments were even confirmed. However, the Executive Branch could always continue to fight the biased rulings of the Viceroy. Either way, another matter of question is the fate of the Grand Vizier’s job.

Anti-Dovakhanese Riots Erupt in Sing Ren
A Torched Dovakhanese Armored Assault Vehicle
SING REN - Bai Lungese civilians have taken to the streets in Sing Ren in response to a perceived threat to their culture and independance by Dovakhanese peacekeeping forces.

The rioting began after the Dovakhanese-Appointed Governor of Bai Lung, Jân Dêmër, released his reconstruction plans for the Republic Khanatas’ occupation sector. Though largely inoffensive, the plan called for two highly controversial actions: the implementation of the Dovakhanese criminal code and the renaming of a number of major Bai Lungese cities. The renaming in particular has angered many Bai Lungese, who believe the Republic Khanatas to be imposing its language on Bai Lung.

Despite claims by Bai Lungese civilians that they only wished to target Dovakhanese oppressors, the semi-organized attacks on peacekeeping forces quickly broke down, yielding massive looting and destruction of nonmilitary property. After Dovakhanese military forces failed to quickly quell the violence, Governor Dêmër declared a state of emergency throughout the affected areas of Sing Ren.

The declaration only worsened matters, however, due to common misunderstandings Dêmër’s statement that peaceful protest would only be allowed in certain areas of the city. As the second day of rioting began, many Bai Lungese began to take up arms against peacekeeping personnel, quickly raising the number of Dovakhanese injured or killed during the course of the uprising.

As the third day of rioting approaches, the a competent, organized Dovakhanese response will be crucial.

FPS Peacekeeping Operation Halted by Lack of Interpreters
Bai Lungese Refugees Receive English Language Training
LIBERTY CITY - In an announcement made earlier today, Secretary of Defense Chris Herfeld stated that the Federated Alliance’s slow movement in Bai Lung was a result of an inadequate number of military and government translators available to the operation. He went on to specifically note that Free Pacific States forces had received minimal resistance and that the FPS Marines were, in fact, ahead of schedule in their reconstruction of Chen Long Sun International Airport.

When asked how long it would be until the military would be ready to begin securing the rest of FPS’ occupation sector, Herfeld replied that the military could have its forces on the ground and moving with three days notice. “The only thing stopping us,” Herfeld stated, “is the Bai Lungese language barrier.”

Any person fluently speaking English and Bai Lung and willing to assist in the FPS peacekeeping operation has been asked to contact the FPS Department of Defense. Contact information is available at the FPOP’s main page.

FPS Government Advises Against Trade with Al-Jafaar
LIBERTY CITY - In a statement earlier today, FPS Secretary of International Relations Boris Kresnov advised FPS Citizens and Residents against entering into any kind of business arrangement with Al-Jafaar.

The announcement came in the aftermath of the nationalization of all oil fields (including those held by foreign citizens and companies) within Al-Jafaar. Thus far, the FPS Government has not officially decried the action, though 1 Infinite Loop has done so.

Despite the FPS Advisement and the Loopian objection, several nations and companies, including Kelssek, have begun negotiating trade agreements with Al-Jafaar.

Solicitor General Demands Investigation of Delegate!

…yea, I’m not even writing out this one.

Magisterial Elections Begin
The Public Referendum:Elections for the Sixth (6th) East Pacific Magisterial Assembly were officially opened today by Regional Court Viceroy Free Pacific States (FPS). The elections, which will decide the membership of the East Pacific’s legislative body, are set to close Sunday.

Of yet, no major difficulties have been reported in regards to the elections, though Free Pacific States did note that a calendar error will result in the Magister-Elect(s) needing to wait an extra twenty-four hours before assuming office. “I didn’t realize there were 31 days in September until after I posted the elections,” the Viceroy said in a public statement, “so, I held the elections on the 26th, a day too early.” The effect, however, should be minimal.

What may in fact become a serious problem is not delaying the appointment of Magisters but rather the appointment of Magisters itself. Thus far, only three EP Citizens have voiced interest in joining the Magisterial Assembly for it’s next session, a drop of 50% from last session (only one of whose members are returning), and an all-time low for the East Pacific’s legislative body.

Without doubt, this lack of interest relates to the recent drop in activity in the East Pacific, a decrease exemplified by the fact that four out of the last assembly’s six Magisters haven’t even posted an explanation for their failing to seek re-election. The fifth, meanwhile, has noted an inability to join the assembly for RL reasons.

What effect this tiny membership might have is unknown; when asked about it, the Viceroy stated that: “you only need three people for the Magisterial Assembly to operate successfully…besides which, I’m sure more will join later.” If more don’t, however, this reporter must wonder what might happen to the Assembly; at the moment, the loss of a single Magister (regardless of the reason for it) could leave the legislative body hopelessly deadlocked.

For more information on the Magisterial Assembly, the Viceroy, or any other topics mentioned in this article, feel free to contact our Staff Writer, Free Pacific States

Gatesville Embassy Comes Alive
Embassy Row: After a long period if inactivity, the Gatesville embassy has seen a recent burst of postings, specifically in the form of Foreign Reports from new Gatesville Foreign Affairs Advocate Pope Lexus X. Since September 22nd, two such reports have been released, and the Pope Lexus X has noted his intention to continue releasing said reports. This week’s report specifically related to the breakdown of Gatesville-Lexicon relations.

For more information on Gatesville, Lexicon, or any other topics mentioned in this article, feel free to contact our Staff Writer, Free pacific States

Mistakes Abound in Magisterial Election
Public Referendum: It appears that the EPOP may have jinxed Viceroy Free Pacific States when it noted the successful beginning of the September Magisterial Assembly Elections.

In the last few hours, two major mistakes on the part of Free Pacific States have been pointed out by the Delegate, Gnidrah. The first prominent mistake was to create a poll for the wrong person. In an unprecedented act earlier today, the Viceroy appears to have confused current Magister Reziel with Magisterial Candidate Emperor Matthius.

This mistake was further compounded when Gnidrah pointed out that there actually aren’t thirty-one days in September, despite FPS’ public statements indicating that there are, and that he was mistaken in thinking there are thirty.

Neither of these mistakes will have any real consequence. Nonetheless, this reporter truly must wonder how it reflects on the intelligence of the Viceroy that he doesn’t know how many days are in September, and that he cannot see the difference between ‘Reziel’ and ‘Emperor Matthius.’

First Decision from Truth and Reconciliation Committee
Dovkhanese Citizen Êdgâr Döêrtöl Testifying Before TRC

Tkânâtdövâkhîâsâât - The Dovakhanese Truth and Reconciliation Committee today rendered its first official ruling, granting citizen Êdgâr Döêrtöl complete asylum in regards to his actions during the Dovakhanese Conflict.

The leader of the village of Zâvdâgö in Âltêâ during the Krechziankan Occupation of Dovakhan, Döêrtöl was accused of assisting in the torture and murder of Dovakhanese civilians by the Krechziankan Military. Specifically cited in the indictment were Döêrtöl’s orders to the village government and police to cooperate with Krechziankan authorities in their anti-resistance operations, which often involved torture and hostage-taking. The village leader was pardoned due to the Committee’s belief that Döêrtöl was helping the Krechziankans only out of fear for his own life.

The decision serves as a legal landmark in this manner, setting a precedent for the pardon of Krechziankan collaborators that can demonstrate they assisted the Krechziankans only to save their own lives. More importantly, however, it is the first real decision of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC), which has been in operation for nearly a number of months.

Without doubt, this decision will be the first in a number of decisions regarding any number of accused sympathizers and criminals, most of which will probably be made relatively soon.

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Mistakes Abound in Magisterial Election

— End quote

Solicitor General starts a new investigation!

Special agents from the Office of the Solicitor General have been seen entering the Palace of the Viceroy this morning. The mere fact they’ve been able to file all the necessary forms to get access prove their intentions are extremely serious.

Contacted by reporters from the whole East Pacific, the Solicitor General has not yet given further explanations, except for a single statement.

<<The situation is worrying indeed, but there is no need to panick. The Office has not opened an investigation to check the regularity of the ongoing elections only, because we agree such a mistake will have no real effects. But we’re worried by a simple consideration: if the Viceroy has taken a name for anothere here… well, we all know the FPSian bureaucracy. There’s an high chance other errors could have been made. And that would mean tons of forms and modules and so on could have to be trashed… and then re-filed by each interested nation or individual>>

After this statement, the Governments of the East Pacific are evaluating the possible consequences of such a scenario. According to rumors, a total war against FPS would be far cheaper than the re-filing of the forms, should the amount of errors be high enough.

Fighting Ends in Algasia

Lazlowian Tanks Enter the Algasian Capitol
NEW ROI - Lazlowian Tanks entered the capitol of the Empire of Algasia early yesterday morning, officially bringing to an end the Alagsian-Lazlowian War.

The conflict began several months when the People’s Republic of Lazlow declared war on the Empire of Algasia, citing as casus beli an unprovoked attack on a Lazlowian frigate by an Algasian battleship within Lazlowian waters. The People’s Republic of Algasia returned the declaration several days later, claiming that the vessel was a hospital ship that was attacked without provocation in international waters. No neutral source has yet to determine which account depicted the true course of events.

The fighting itself was entirely one-sided from start to finish. The Lazlowians began their operations against the Algasians with a massive bombing campaign, which also included the release of biological weapons in rural areas of Algasia. Ignoring sharp criticism from several nations, including Vladistock Island, the Lazlowians then proceeded to begin a full-out invasion of Algasia. They coupled this invasion with an electromagnetic strike on New Roi, the capital of Algasia.

Utterly stunned by the destructiveness and the swiftness of the invasion, the Algasian government was hardly able to respond, its institutions (established only a year ago in the aftermath of the withdrawal of Krechzianko) incapable of standing up to such a brutal assault. Mass desertions in the military and police forces of the nation resulted from the destruction of the nation’s military headquarters. Much of the government’s leadership followed suit as Lazlowian units traveled unchallenged across the countryside towards the nation’s capitol; the Algasian Emperor’s location remains unknown.

Of yet, the Algasian government has not made any statement on its plans for the Algasian nation, except to state that it considers the war over. A statement that has yet to be repudiated by any power.

Situation Worsens in Bai Lung
One of three bodies dumped in Pyongjing
PYONJING - The already tense situation in Bai Lung worsened today when the terrorist group Free Bai Lung dumped the body of another dead hostage in Pyonjing early this morning. This brings the total count of executed and dumped hostages to three.

The body comes as another warning to the Bai Lungese government from the terrorist group “Free Bai Lung,” which took hostage the residents of the village of Lie Mei early last week. The warning came after the Interim Administrator stated reiterated his refusal to negotiate with the terrorists, who are threatening to kill all six hundred inhabitants of the village if their demands are not met.

The group’s demands, made last week, included the removal of all peacekeeping forces and a demand for weapons grade uranium. The interim administrator’s response has remained consistant: “their demands are simply incredulous, absurd and impractical” he stated to Bai Lung Central Television late yesterday evening.

The Bai Lungese Government has not entirely dismissed negotiation, however. According to an FPSNN source within the Bai Lungese government, who has asked to remain anonymous, “there does seem to be some hope that the terrorists can be negotiated with…but the chances of their current demands being met are nil.”

Meanwhile, the terrorist group has refused to extend the deadline for government action any further, and claims it will executive all 600 remaining hostages if the Interim Administrator does not immediately move to meet their demands.

People’s Liberation Front Strikes in Dannistaan
The Van Police Believe was used in the Kidnapping
KITEWOOD - The People’s Liberation Front today took credit for the kidnapping of State Labor Minister Joe McNamara in West Dannistaan. They had promised to kill the Member of State Parliament unless their demands are met.

The kidnapping was reported to Kitewood Police two days ago. According to witnesses, a nondescript white van rammed into the MP’s car at about twenty miles an hour in downtown Kitewood. When McNamara stepped out of his vehicle, several masked men jumped from the van, and forced him into it at gunpoint. The van then sped off; police would find it abandoned on the outskirts of town a day later.

In a tape dispatched to the Kitewood Police Department, the PLF claimed responsibility for the kidnapping, parading McNamara in front of the camera in order to verify their claims. Later in the video, they made several demands, ultimately requesting the release of the Kelssekian members of the PLF captured when Kelssekian police raided the house where the Assistant FPS Consul was being held. They also asked for the resignation of the current government, the calling of new elections, the creation of a free market economy in West Dannistaan, and a tax cut.

First Minister of West Dannistaan Fahr’sii Mae stated that she will not bow to pressure from the group. However, she has not officially ruled out negotiation at this time. The Dannistrian National Government has yet to make any comment on the matter.

The kidnapping marks the movement’s first major action since last August, when it captured the Kelssekian Labor Minister and the Assistant Consul of the FPS Embassy in Kelssek. The Assistant Consul was ultimately released due to the FPS Government’s willingness to negotiate; the Kelssekian Minister, however, was murdered. Many experts on the matter do believe that McNamara will be killed as well if the demands are not met.

FPS to Unveil Withdrawal Plan

General Robert Albine meeting with Dannistrian troops
PYONJING - General Robert Albine, head of the FPS Peacekeeping Mission in Bai Lung, today arrived in Pyojing to meet with Dannistrian and Bai Lungese authorities. He is expected to publicly unveil his specific plan for the FPS withdrawal from Bai Lung at that meeting.

An excellent tactician and politician, Albine has been termed ‘little Mockrine’* as a result of his down-to-Earth style and his ability to overcome impossible political and logistical situations to complete his objectives. Though the sixth man to hold the position of “Joint Commander of the Bai Lung Peacekeeping and Reconstruction Project,” the general was the only one to succeed in getting peacekeeping forces on the move despite hesitance on the part of the National Legislature and many ground commanders.

But by no means did ‘little Mockrien’ get his title simply from getting forces moving. Over the next few months, Mockrine would succeed in restoring order throughout the North, would establish a capable interim administration, set up elections for the creation of competent city and village governments, reconstruct and expand public services and utilities throughout the North, and establish a well-trained and equipped Bai Lungese Northern Territorial National Guard. More important than any of this, in the eyes of most Bai Lungese, has been his economic work. Since the restoration of order in late April, Albine has seen to a doubling of the GDP, and a tripling of average income.

With success seen on this massive of a scale, it was believed that FPS might begin minor re-deployments of military forces to other areas, for obvious reasons. But Albine’s unspecific announcement that he would ask for a ‘large scale withdrawal,’ made last week, was completely unexpected. Sources within the Terrus administration, which has aprroved of Albine’s withdrawal plan (which remains classified), have indicated that it may include up to 85% of FPS’ military forces in Bai Lung and around 15% of its humanitarian forces.

Ultimately, however, approval of the plan will be left to the Bai Lungese. “If they want us to stay, we’ll stay,” Terrus stated in the press conference in which he signed off on the plan. “But, really, there’s no reason for us to keep that many forces there.”

Albine is set to begin meeting with the leaders of the Bai Lungese Central Government at the first available opportunity, though he has noted that it may be some time before that opportunity arises. “The Central Government is dealing with a lot of problems right now,” Albine explained to an FPSNN reporter, “problems that need immediate handling. Agreeing on a redeployment plan, in this situation, is not a time-sensitive issue.”

*Kyle Mockrine, (1913 - 1992), the first President of the Federated Alliance of Free Pacific States, is renowned throughout the nation for his ability to effectively establish and operate a government whist simultaneously holding off a far superior enemy force. Once the nation was firmly established, he stepped down from the Presidency, retaking his former position as Postmaster General. He would continue to serve in that post until his retirement in 1979. Mockrine was well known for refusing any honors or awards for his actions, with the exception of those relating to his successful work as Postmaster General (in 1991, he allowed the East Pacific to appoint him Honorary Postmaster General in recognition of his ability to maintain the FPS Mail System even as he established a new government and fought a war).

Elections Announced in Algasia
Algasian Imperial Palace
NEW ROI - Speaking from the Algasian Imperial Palace earlier today, the Algasian Interim Prime Minister announced the intention of the Algasian Interim Authority to create a new democratic Republic of Algasia. The statement came after several weeks of debate and discussion in the Algasian Interim Parliament regarding to the establishing of a new government in the aftermath of the collapse the Imperial Authority. In general, it was responded to well by the nation’s population.

The setting and wording of the speech, however, has stirred up some doubt as to the true independence of the interim government. During the course of the speech, the Interim Prime Minister referred to the former monarch as a “traitorous, tyrant monarch” before going on to state that: “no longer the tyrant can oppress us and drive us into a pointless war!” Neither statement was something that seemed to fall in line with the thoughts of most Algasians.

“Admittedly, he was an absolute monarch, and he refused to give up any of his power.” University of New Roi History Professor Kyle Kristolf stated. “But I’d hardly refer to him as a tyrant or oppressor. There were no secret prisons under his rule, no murders in the night, none of that. He would exile, not arrest, his political opponents. But, really, I’m giving a premature argument here…I’d challenge the Lazlowians to find one documented instance in which the Emperor was oppressive or tyrannical.”

The professor’s statements were echoed by his equal at Liberty City University, Danniele Felberg. “I’ve never seen much evidence that Emperor Viorel was a cruel leader. I’d personally refer to him as a ‘benevolent monarch,’ if anything…sure, he refused to give up control, but he treated his people well. And I’d never call him a traitor. From the moment he entered politics, Andrew Vioren was dedicated to his nation and his countrymen more than anything else.”

The Emperor entered national politics at age 49, when his nation was invaded by Krechzianko. After witnessing several months of genocide and brutality, he started up the Algasian Independence Front, a guerilla group that would ultimately succeed in forcing the Krechziankans to withdraw from the territory. He would establish his monarchy in the aftermath of the Krechziankan withdrawal.

Both historians also brought up the Interim Prime Minister’s reference to Viorel as a warmonger. “It was never proven, by any independent authority, that Algasia did start the war.” Kristolf stated. Felberg would echo his words. “The Algasians never took credit for the assault and no international body has been able to prove they did it. The fact that the PM was blatantly taking credit for it, above all else, seems to indicate that he’s being played by the Lazlowians. That’s exactly the sort of thing they’d want him to say.”

The Interim Prime Minister’s reference to the Lazlowians as ‘liberators’ also drew fire. “They bombed our capitol, overthrew our government, and released a biological weapon on us.” A civilian stated to an EPOP reporter on scene. “How is that liberating? I have to wonder who wrote that speech.”

Also pointed out has been the IPM’s company on the balcony. “There were no members of the Interim Parliament or Interim Ministers.” Kristolf later stated. “Quite the opposite, it almost seemed as though the Prime Minister was there as a second thought. In the background stood two heavily armed Lazlowian guards, and the Lazlowian Military Governor stood in the foreground, clearly soaking up attention.”

The prfessor went on accuse the man flat-out of being under Lazlowian control. “The man has to be a puppet. No self-respecting Algasian would say those things about the man that freed them from the Krechziankans, who are thought to have killed several million of their friends and family. Besides which…what kind of independent nation has foreign guards standing in its capitol building?”

The professors’ statements seem to be supported by the FPS Ambassador to Algasia. “When you need something done around here, you don’t go to the Interim Prime Minister. To be honest…I don’t even know the name of the man! No, no…if you need something done, you go to the Military Governor, Zrínyi Mihály. He’s obviously the one in authority.”

Despite these concerns, many Algasians have taken a supportive position towards the interim administration. “Look, of course the Lazlowians are going to have a little bit of a hand in things, they did go through the work of invading us!” Another man said after the IPM’s speech. “But they’re setting up elections…how can we complain?”

FPS President Matthew Terrus shared the sentiment. “The Interim Administration is undoubtedly controlled by the Lazlowians. But that’s to be expected. What really matters is how these elections go. If they are truly open and free then I don’t think anyone can reasonably believe the government will remain a puppet…a popularly elected administration is going to do that which it believes will best serve its nation, not what benefits those that gave it the chance to take power.”

Ultimately, this reporter has to agree with the President, who went on to say that: “we’ll really know what this new country is once the elections happen. Until then…I think we just need to wait.”

Free Pacific States Grants Amnesty to Emperor; Party

FPS Embassy in Algasia
NEW ROI - The FPS Ambassador to Algasia, Chris Stotlemier, today announced that his embassy will be granted asylum to former Algasian Emperor Andrew Viorel and a party of close friends and relatives. In a public statement, the Ambassador went on to say that Viorel will ultimately be flown to the Liberty City, where he will be allowed to operate a Government-In-Exile from the former Algasian Imperial Embassy to the Free Pacific States.

When New Roi fell into Lazlowian hands several weeks ago, most of the Imperial Government fled, with large groups of former bureaucrats seeking asylum with foreign governments or simply making their way out of the country. Until he walked into the FPS Embassy yesterday, however, Viorel’s own position was unknown. The Online Post is still uncertain as to what he was doing during the period between his fleeing the palace and his arrival at the embassy.

Regardless of what he was doing in that period, Viorel finally did enter the FPS Embassy yesterday, where he requested asylum and permission to open up a Government-In-Exile. After some consideration, the FPS Ambassador granted him asylum, and agreed to petition to allow him to open up a Government-in-Exile in Liberty City. President Matthew Terrus approved the petition only an hour after it was filed.

Viorel will be flown to the Free Pacific States sometime next week, once the FPS Government has ensured that the Lazlowian and Algasian authorities will not attempt to arrest the group mid-transport. Once there, he will be allowed to take up residence in the former Imperial Algasian Embassy, which has been left largely abandoned since the government’s collapse.

The effect of this move on FPS/Algasian/Lazlowian relations is yet unknown. “I do hope that it will not have an adverse effect,” Terrus stated, “but the fact is that I have too much respect for Viorel to simply leave him in the dust. He did his people a great service when he threw out the Krechziankans.”

Terrus went on to state that he will still push for recognition of the new Republic of Algasia. “I’m not saying we’re going to ignore political reality. Just that we’re also going to allow the Emperor to continue operation.”