Eastern Pacific News Service Act

Passed by the Magisterium on October 29, 2013. (See this http://theeastpacific.com/topic/5177196/1/.)

Approved by the Delegate on November 6, 2013. (See this http://theeastpacific.com/single/?p=8013937&t=5170092.)

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Section 1: Citation

This law may be cited as the Eastern Pacific News Service Act (or EPNS).

Section 2: Responsibilities

The EPNS is charged with issuing a newspaper on the forums of The East Pacific, NationStates and all regions with which we have embassies at least once a month, starting on the 1st week after the passage of this Act.

Section 3: Leadership

…3.1- The Eastern Pacific News Service shall be overseen by an Editor who is nominated by the Delegate and confirmed by majority vote in the Magisterium.
…3.1.1- The Editor shall undergo a confirmation vote in the Magisterium, each time a new Delegate is elected. Such a confirmation vote should take place at least each 6 months.
…3.1.2- If the Editor-nominee is not confirmed, the Delegate must nominate a new Editor through the process described in Section 3.1
…3.2- The Editor can be removed by a majority vote of the Magisterium for inactivity, high crimes, treason, violation of the standards in Section 5, or inability to perform his/her duties.
…3.3- The Editor shall oversee and be responsible for all activities of the EPNS.

Section 4: Organization

The Editor may utilize any organizational structure which allows the EPNS to achieve the responsibilities in Section 2, and does not violate the Concordat or the laws of The East Pacific.

Section 5: Content

…5.1- The articles should be in good taste and not be terribly harsh.

…5.2- The standard is the US movie rating “PG-13”. Mild swearing may be tolerated, mild sexuality may be hinted, but explicit or excessive versions of either or both may result in the removal of the Editor from the EPNS.

…5.3- Keep it Civil. While being abrasive, mean-spirited, and mean are not in violation of the Concordat, they are grounds for removal of the Editor from the EPNS. When in doubt, a simple guideline is “Don’t Be A Dick.”

…5.4- While Article F, Section 1 provides for the right to free speech for all citizens in The East Pacific, and the Editor retains this right while engaging in speech outside of the EPNS, the Editor must follow the content guidelines of section 5 of this Act while performing duties as Editor.

Section 6: Enactment

This bill shall be enacted upon its signature by the Delegate, except if the Magisterium votes to override a veto of this bill by the Delegate.

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The Magisterium voted 17-0 to repeal this law on September 2nd, 2018. The discussion thread can be viewed https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/the_east_pacific/proposal-of-repealing-law-epns-act-t6482.html, and the vote thread can be viewed Vote: Repeal of the Eastern Pacific News Service Act - The East Pacific - Tapatalk.