Eastrovia Times

Company Information
NAME: The Eastrovia Times Publishing Company
CEO: Dr. Roslyn Jones
REVENUE: 5 Billion EMD
NET INCOME: 390 Million EMD

The Eastrovia Times was founded during the times of the Kingdom of East Malaysia as The Eastrovia Chronicle written in actual Native East Malaysian.

After the kingdom fell, it became The Eastrovia Times Publishing Company and moved away for Native East Malaysian to English; that was spoken widely throughout the nation. Native East Malaysian published papers can still be ordered depending on what the reader likes to read.

The company was dedicated to keeping every East Malaysian up-to-date with news across East Malaysia. In its early days its main source of readers came to the paper since it would have government news before any other paper during that time.

As the paper evolved past its founding into a paper for everyone, not just for government news it grew past only being in larger cities to everywhere; even down to small villages in forest.

The paper was focused on its East Malaysian readers and had no notion to move past being a national paper, until surrounding nations began to order large amounts of its papers. It was up-to-date for the whole area plus had topics that non-East Malaysian where interested in.

When the company seen that it has an opportunity to make the paper global, it invested in doing so in association with the East Malaysian government. The Eastrovia Times put newspaper boxes outside of every embassy East Malaysia had in the native language of the nation and English. The Eastrovia Times capitalized on the venture by offering the papers in standard rates of the area, or to where everyone in a foreign nation could afford.

In its first year of global operation, it made an extra $436 million East Malaysian Dollars from just being a national paper. The company decided to stay being a global newspaper but made a global division of the company known as Eastrovia Times/International. It also decided to have a section of its international papers that have local topics.

The Eastrovia Times is the largest and oldest newspaper in East Malaysia. It is also a noted global newspaper. It owns several other newspapers like, The Dutch Gap Times, The Royal Post, and 17 other papers across East Malaysia.

EM Today, Inc. and EM Daily, LTD., both magazines that are published by the Eastrovia Times once a month with various topics that are specific to East Malaysia and its people. Both companies where taken over by the Eastrovia Times because the company wanted to expand on its viewer base by going past just news.

Half of the East Malaysian Broadcasting Company that includes news, TV series, and various other programs that came be viewed worldwide and on PADD devices was bought from Phelps Communication Corporation as the company began to expand on its viewer base by going past just news as it did when it acquired EM Today/Daily.

The news radio station: EMNW is a international news radio station that can be listened to on local AM, FM, XM (must be a paid member), and SSM (only if you have a PADD or like device) radio with a paid subscription if their is not a local station that has EMNW. Most areas of an East Malaysian embassy can get the signal.

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In today’s top news,

The Aerospace Navy has declared that all ships still Missing In Action from the war with West Malaysia to be declared Lost In Battle and All Hands Lost; that adds 21 ships to the list of lost ships.

Starting Thursday, the Imperial Senate and Imperial Council will hold elections for 8th year Senators and Councilors. 7 senators are retiring, while 56 new people are running for seats. Maxia Zeta, planet-leader of the Council plans to make it temporary Council-leader position full-time until the next 5 year election for the position.

Empress Jung, has ordered the first publication of native East Malaysian by the newly government-ran East Malaysian Factbook Corporation, which will be working on publication the first official information book on the things not seen outside of East Malaysia, and rarely within the Star Empire itself. The Factbook will have a variety of information, but cannot cover anything until it acquires more information and has sales; which are expected since there is already a 364 million sales order from just one company.

PADD Association, is working with Advan Computer, to develop the next generation of PADD, Project Lexington. It is officially known as iPADD, the Interactive Personal Access Display Device.

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The Imperial Ball did not end on a good note as reports come from guest of the events of the night. Charles Bishop and Empress Glendale Jung had an argument over Prince Justin Jung’s sexuality, which many guest have spoken that Charles Bishop told the Empress that he would see her on the battle field because her son cannot have a natural born heir.

East Malaysian law is very clear on the subject stating, “An Emperor or Empress are not required to have an heir…” On the bases of sexuality, East Malaysian law clearly states that “all types of discrimination,” are strictly forbidden and “violations of the law do lead to possible imperial prison time,” plus have to pay a fine to the “victim(s) of any type of discrimination.”

It is not clear why Charles Bishop would take this strategy, but he has successfully started the “Second East Malaysian Civil War,” as Empress Amanda Bishop stated in her press conference that the nation has divided by states and areas breaking away from the Star Empire, forming, Imperial East Malaysia.

As areas are breaking away, the Aerospace Navy has also divided. Fighting has started on ships, Hawkins station, and even at the headquarters in Eastrovia. Admirals, Captains, and other officers are moving their ships on either the Star Empire side or Imperial East Malaysia’s.

The spaceports have all been vacated in case of sabotage, and many foreign nationals are fleeing East Malaysia, but the back load is very immense and many are going to Embassies or the local islands.

It is not sure what Imperial East Malaysia’s terms are, but it is clear that Empress Jung is ready to fight to bring East Malaysia back together. She has allowed the Imperial Council to take temporary control of planetary territories until current Earth issues are settled.