Economic Boom Garners International Notice


In response to great deregulation of the commerce center has garnered rewards both sizable unprecendentally swift. All sectors, from Pharmacology, Wood Chips, and Cultural Artistry to Mining, Telecomm, and Aerospace so sector growth both in domestic and international market share. An all time low in the trade deficit combines with another 1% drop in unemployment brought nationa revenue up almost 500 billions Skariats (SK).

Jackson Mulbery, CEO of Le Mize automotive, said, “This is the result of putting the progressive values of the nation to the support of commerce. The days where busniess is the great scape goat of politics can be said to be completely behind us.”

The greatest result and no doubt the largest boost to the national Economy has been the revalueing of the National currency SK to double its value against the NSD, dropping from 10:1 to 4.9:1. This change has lent greater power to our currency and therefore the value our goods on foreign markets.

“We are following the peoples will, demanded in the last election,” stated Curtis Mannes, Foreign Affairs Minister of the Quorum. “It is not enough that we simply look to the outer world, but become a part of it, culturally and economically. With this new strength in the Skariat the world sees us less as provinicial late comers to the international Arena, but force for growth and oppotunity.”

Economic Advisor Edard Stilson of the think tank, Better Horizons warns, “While we all rejoice in this turn around from the Union strikes and weak Skariat, we have to remember we are just getting started. The latest round of deregulation did a lot of good for commerce, but the temptation to more deregulation could take us back down the road we faced in decades past where commerce run amok led to a self destructing economy and the collapse. Every step must be given careful consideration to avoid these mistakes of the past.”

Members of the Arena must be thinking the same thing as already they are crafting new regulations to shore up potential holes as they become apparent, and no moves are being consider more deregulation. Very strong resistance is seen in the Thatch house, elder statesmen of the Republic who have the must prevalent memories of the dark years of the depression.

Councilman of the Thatch house and Chairman of the UFP Antoin Malard said after the report was made public, “It is in these times of great success that the truly wise harbor worry. The need to follow success with more action must be tempered with the idea that action for actions sake often leads to a dark path.”

Stock markets, closed before the announcement was made, are expected to sore on the news, was currency speculators expected to be the strongest areas.

Tim Osgood
Writer at Large, Trantor Times