Education Reform Act

The Magisterium passed the Education Reform Act on 15 August 2014. (

The Delegate approved the law on 15 August 2014. (

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BE IT ENACTED by the Magisterium of the East Pacific:

SECTION I. Short Title
This act shall be known and cited as the “Education Reform Act.”

SECTION II. Findings
The Magisterium finds that -
(1) albeit defunct, the region at large wishes to retain the services of the University of the East Pacific (UTEP).
(2) certain core functions of UTEP as facilitator and educator have been diminished or subverted through the Second Education Act and Executive Order.
(3) there is no current mechanism in place to rebuild the university system.

SECTION III. Provisions
(1) The duties of administering UTEP or its successor institution are returned to the Chancellor, as appointed by the Delegate.
(2) Mandates UTEP or its successor to function in cooperation with executive mentor programs and the Ministry of Culture & Education.
(3) Hereby repeals the Second Education Act

SECTION IV. Enactment
This act shall be enacted upon its signature by the Delegate, except if the Magisterium votes to override a veto of this bill by the Delegate.

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On August 14, the Magisterium to pass the Fourth Education Act and repeal the Education Reform Act.