Embassies of the isle of Kyoshu


Kyoshu is a small nation on the isle of Kyoshu. It’s mostly mountainous and relatively undeveloped.
The populace is mostly peaceful, led by an autocratic ruler claiming divinity. In terms of industrialization there is little, and most of the island resembles early industrial societies.
-Population; 400,000.
-Official language; Kyogo
-Government type; Theocratic Autocrac.
-Currency; Zei.
-Ruler; The Supreme Goddess Koko Hataro.
-Minister of Foreign Affairs; Zao Hamaku.
Statement by the foreign affairs department of Kyoshu
The island of Kyoshu is willing to establish Embassies and relations with any nation on Urth.
You may apply for;
-Diplomatic recognition.
-Non-Agression pacts.
-Trade agreements.