[EMBASSY] Conch Kingdom

Here is the Conch Kingdoms official consulate thread.news and foreign correspondence goes here.

note: CK gained consulate on November 2022

Hello there, I’m Socialist Platypus, current Delegate of Conch KIngdom and ambassador to this consulate, I’ve taken quite a while to get to the TEP forums but here I am with current and old news!

First the old news that I was suppose to keep you up with, we had an election in January and our current ministers are:
-Charville as Prime Minister
-Empireedy as Minister of Domestic Affairs
-Timiskrane as Minister of Foreign Affairs

Now the new and more exiting news! (for the people who read the forums at least)

CK is holding a little birthday party with their fellow AA member Lands End and you all are invited if you feel like joining in! (even if all of TEP might be a bit too much for us to handle there :stuck_out_tongue:)

The sister regions of Conch Kingdom and Lands End are turning 7 and 6 years old respectively this month, and we’ve chosen to celebrate these milestones together with one big Birthday Bash, and all of our friends, old and new, are invited to come party with us!

From March 1st - 7th, we’ll be hosting an event lineup including: Chess, AmongUs, HungerGames Simulator, Trivia, AugustinVision and a Bar RP for all your characters.

Signups are open now, before the festivities begin, so if you want in, come join us: CK-LE Birthday Bash!!

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Conch Kingdom elections just rolled around, and here are our new minister for the next 3 months:
-Prime Minister: Ziroxeut
-Minister of Domestic Affairs: Empireedy
-Minister of Foreign Affairs: Socialist Platypus

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