Embassy of Aldaar

Aldaar Embassy Seal

Greetings, weary traveler, and welcome to the official embassy site for the Divine Republic of Aldaar. Aldaar is a theocratic republic located in western Gondwana, on the Alarian subcontinent. Our peoples made their home in the wastes of the Anabat Desert, and have learned to adapt to the inhospitable climate over generations. Our culture revolves around peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and a deeper understanding of the meaning of change. So, if you come into this place with peace and wisdom, these are the exchanges we may make:

  • Diplomatic Recognition
  • Embassy Exchange
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Trade Agreements
  • Non-Aggression
  • Student Exchange
  • Visa Application
  • Border Policy Change
  • Other Agreement (Please Specify)

When applicable and public, active diplomatic agreements will appear below:

Arham Kaawlbak,
Azniv Haviiz
Primary Kauda Advisor to the Mutadiit

Ministry of Diplomacy
Crowned Republic of Antora

Office of the Minister of Diplomacy
Hall of Ministers, Eleçeron
Taragento District, Antora

“Saludos y bendiciones sobre ti.”
“Salutations and blessings upon you.”

I extend my honored respects and blessings to the offices of Azniv Haviiz who maintains the relations of their great state with poise and ability.

Today I write to you as the First Minister of Diplomacy for the Crowned Republic of Antora to expand the relations between nations and enrich the lives of our citizens, to pave the way for further cooperation. Most importantly, I extend the greetings and the proffered hand of friendship of His Grace, Sebastián II, King of Antora, Sovereign of Casilló y Réal, Steward of Cátras, Duke of Costa Tranquíla, Count of Tranha, Zamocante, and Sojara to Yufraan Abd’ildarra, Mutadiit, Honored of the Dawra and the Three Houses. His Grace has bid I provide you with the following Statement of Intent:

“Los saludos y bendiciones más honrados sobre ustedes. In the name of Our forefathers and mothers, by the Grace of the Word, and with the embodied power of Our citizens We issue this Statement of Intent to the Mutadiit Yufraan Abd’ildarra, whose auspicious coming upon Alnahda has improved the standing and strength of Their nation. We hope for Their continued good health and the same of Their Family. It is the Intent of the Corric People, and thus Our Intent, to further the breadth of dialog between Antora and the Divine Republic of Aldaar. The two great peoples of Corric and Aldaari blood would enrich themselves through education, trade, travel, and cooperation a greater dialog would bring. In time, We hope that the improvement of relations will contribute to a more united and peaceful world, closer to the prosperous community of friendships across Urth so many strive for. Que la gracia de paz esté con vosotos, y que la corona sea siempre ligera.”

His Grace has bid I enquire upon the following topics, to further mutual cooperation:

  • Diplomatic Recognition between Antora and the Divine Republic of Aldaar,
  • Establishment of permanent embassies or consulates between the aforementioned parties,
  • A Non-Aggression Pact between the aforementioned parties, such that a Treaty be drafted and signed, ensuring all disputes, disagreements, issues, etc. that stand in the way of honorable cooperation be resolved with negotiation and not force,
  • A Visa Agreement between the aforementioned parties, such that any adult of responsible age that is a citizen of an aforementioned party may apply for a permit to visit a member of the opposite party, of sixty days for leisure, one-hundred and eighty days for work, and three-hundred and sixty days for education,
  • A Trade Agreement, such that a Treaty or other economic document be drafted and signed, allowing for a relaxation of taxes and tariffs on the import and export of select goods, to be determined during the drafting of said document.

My thanks and well-wishes unto you, with the hope of future friendship and happiness.

En nombre de paz y de todas las virtudes caballeresas,
In the name of peace and all chivalric virtues,

First Minister of Diplomacy
Santiago Monte