Embassy of Auravas

Welcome to the Embassy of Auravas. Auravas is a democratic socialist nation located in southeast Gondwana, in the region known as the horn of Kaskada. Our embassy offers the following services:

-Diplomatic Recognition

  • Embassy Exchange
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Scientific Exchange/Cooperation
  • Student Exchange
  • Visa Application
  • Trade Negotations
  • Non-Aggression Pacts
  • Other (please specify)

Current Diplomatic Relations:

Aldaar Embassy Seal

To the honorable Republic of Auravas,
Greetings from the sands of the Anabat. On the behalf of the Divine Republic of Aldaar, we would like to humbly request the following agreements:

  • Diplomatic recognition
  • A mutual embassy exchange
  • A pact of non-aggression

Our government may be newly formed, but we hold the same values of advancement in the sciences and arts that you do, our religion actively supporting the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding through all means. Recently free from our colonization by Mirhaime, we also recognize our relative proximity and potential to be extremely helpful towards one another. As such, we humbly request the opening of diplomatic relations, hopefully leading to a bright future of partnership between our nations.

Arham Kaawlbak,
Azniv Haviiz
Advisor to the Mutadiit on behalf of the Kauda