Embassy of Raktussia

Embassy of Raktussia

Welcome to the embassy of Raktussia.

We advise any and all guests to the Raktussian embassy to please hand any possible weapons you may have to personnel to be put in a safe and secure storage unit waiting for you until you leave, there are many complimentary food and drinks awaiting for those on official business to Raktussia, we ask that you respect and follow rules within the embassy.

For ambassadors and trade delegates here is some basic information about our country:
Population: 90 million
Total GDP: $261B GDP
GDP per capita: $2.9k
Capital: Kalograd

Biggest imports: Machinery, farming equipment, cars.
Biggest exports: Agricultural food, petroleum.

As of right now we are limiting our imports and attempting to expand our exports to deal with the economic crisis in our land right now, the king is not ready to speak to any news, foreign diplomats or any other royalty as of right now as he is incredibly busy attempting to deal with internal policy.
Any diplomacy will be met with the minister of foreign affairs and his professional royal ambassadors, we please encourage any and all requests for economic ties so that we may combat the crisis our fair motherland deals with.

Thank you for visiting Raktussia.