Embassy of the Serene Republic of Lapinumbia

Saluti! Welcome to the embassy of the Serene Republic of Lapinumbia, please take a seat and I’ll discuss with you what we offer.

Firstly, have a some information of Lapinumbia

  • Capital: Vecitania

  • Population: 17.3 (April 2020)

  • Government:Parliamentary oligarchic merchant republic

  • Doge (President): Enrico Dandolo

  • Minister of Foreign affairs: Tiberio Imburgia

  • Official language: Lapinumbian (Mix of Latin, Greek and Italian)

  • GDP: 1.02 trillion ℄ (Ducatoes)

We offer:

  • Trade Agreement

  • Embassy Exchange

  • Cultural and/or scientific exchange

  • Visas: 90 day or worker Visa

  • Student Exchange

  • Non-Agression Pact

  • Diplomatic Recognition

  • Condottiere

  • Tickets to guantanamo bay

Thank you for your patience, we will await your response.

As a represntitive of the Miner’s Republic of Durakia, I am writing to you to give you a fornal invitation to the city of Arnstal for a conference on events relating to the Arkalarian Civil War. We hope you may attend.

-Sergei Alov: Secretary of Diplomacy


To whom this may concern:

The Kingdom of Tretrid would like to apply for mutual exchange of embassies, a 90 day visa program, a cultural exchange program, and a trade agreement

We hope this will lead to better Lapinumbian-Tretridian relations in the future.

Prime Minister
Kingdom of Tretrid

                                                                                   Official Transmission of The Republic of Lapinumbia

As a representative of the Lapinumbian people, we gladly accept your offer.

Tiberio Imburgia
Minister of foreign affairs
Republic of Lapinumbia


Glory to the confederated state

Greetings from Fargo

The Confederacy has taken interest as a new nation on the global stage and we’d like to see with our similar views on capitalistic merchantism, we’d like to see if potential avenues of trade agreements could be discussed between our two great nations.

Our greatest exports are various degrees of fire arms and weapons to ship around the world, (Apart from the communists) to either aid in their militaries, or to arm their people for self defence, from such our biggest imports are of course aluminium and steel in order to produce these said products.

So what we at the confederacy would like to propose is the following:
-Mutual exchange of embassies
-Mutual recognition as sovereign independent nations
-Exchange of prime exports and imports

We eagerly await to hear your response and hope that this transmission see’s to you safely from Fargo
Glory to the confederated state
Yours truly
Supreme president

                                                        Official Transmission of The Republic of Lapinumbia


As a representative of the Lapinumbian people, we gladly accept your offer.

Tiberio Imburgia
Minister of foreign affairs
Republic of Lapinumbia


Tiberio Imburgia
Minister of foreign affairs
Republic of Lapinumbia


The Democratic Republic of Sokala like to apply for the following

  • Non-aggression pact

  • Diplomatic recognition

  • Embassy exchange

  • Trade agreement

Regarding trade, we are pleased to say that we are willing to enter a trade agreement with Lapinumbia . The following are Sokala’s top exports:

  • Armament and Armored vehicles (armor-and-rifle-manufactures-of-sokala- … ml#p228516)

  • Coconut goods (coconut lumber, coconut oil, coconuts themselves, etc,)

  • Tele-communications equipment (LGARS Combat Network Radio systems, 5G cell tower equipment, etc.)

  • Corn

  • Iron

  • Aluminum

  • Rice


Theodore Dorbes
Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Democratic Republic of Sokala

To the Embassy of the Serene Republic of Lapinumbia,

Grindoligarch sees it as a mutually beneficial endeavor for our nations to establish an exchange of embassies, a mutual acknowledgment of sovereignty, and a non-aggression pact to ensure peace between our nations and protect/secure any future pacts or arrangements made either through this correspondence or in the future.

If it would prove that both of our nations are working towards similar technological advancements and are at a similar point in such endeavors, a research agreement may prove mutually beneficial as well.

Furthermore, Grindoligarch is interested in opening trade between our nations and is able to provide the following exports: machine parts/manufacturing (on request for specific parts or machines), military equipment (infantry equipment, tanks, planes, drones, ships, etc.), Information Technology, computer parts/computers, mining, and timber. In large part in regards to types of machines/machine parts, military equipment, and computer parts/computers production is very flexible and we can change the production of certain factories to fulfill specific requests in any of the previously mentioned fields that apply. Though we will need to specify the security measures we take in order to secure our nation before a trade can begin.

Let’s hope for a mutually beneficial relationship and for a continuation of peace and prosperity for our nations.

~Mikhail Volkov, International Representative of the Grindoligarch Administration Party