Emergency Healthcare for International Travelers

The World Assembly,

Aware that medical emergency situations may happen to people when they’re traveling in foreign countries,

Understanding that emergency medical care can cause costs well beyond the traveler’s available personal funds,

Wishing to bridge this financial gap to ensure international travelers can receive medical care regardless of the thickness of their wallets at the time,


  1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution,

    a.“international traveler” as a person who is traveling in or through a WA member nation, in which they are not a resident, and is doing so for purposes of business or leisure,
    b.“nation of origin” as the nation in which an international traveler is a resident,
    c.“medical emergency” as a serious, sudden, unforeseeable need for medical care, including but not limited to physical injury, heart attack, stroke, chemical overdose or the onset of an illness,

  2. Reaffirms that member nations are requires to provide medical care to residents and international travelers alike, in the case of a life-threatening medical emergency,

  3. Requires member nations to provide international travelers medical care in medical emergencies, even if it is not life-threatening,

  4. Clarifies that member nations must treat international travelers using the same priorities as they use on their own residents, but do not have to give them a higher priority,

  5. Directs member nations to assist the international traveler in returning to their nation of origin,

  6. Allows member nations to send an invoice to the nation of origin to demand payment for the healthcare costs that have accrued from treating the medical emergency, if the international traveler is unable to pay for them,

  7. Prohibits member nations from inflating the cost of or overcharging for care they have provided under this resolution,

  8. Further clarifies that nations are only obliged to provide medical care to international travelers in cases of emergency and are not obliged to care for ailments which the international traveler was aware of or knew they required treatment for when they entered the nation,

  9. Further clarifies that this resolution only applies to international travelers who are traveling for purposes of business or leisure; the treatment of people who are in the nation against their will, such as prisoners of war, should be handled by other legislation.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [DEFEATED] Emergency Healthcare for International Travelers

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

The General Assembly resolution “Emergency Healthcare for International Travelers” was defeated 7,919 votes to 7,503.