Empire of Sol Claim


Nation Name (long): The Holy Empire of Sol (THES)
Nation Name (short): Empire of Sol

Motto: “With Sol, theres a new dawn.Without Luna, there is no dawn.”

National Animal: Golden Eagle
National Anthem: The Great Solanese March:

Capitol: Sol
Largest City: Sol

Demonym: Solaneses, Solanese

Language: Staynish, Ancient Solanese

Species: Humans
Population: . 51,573,382

Government type: Absolute Monarchy
Leader(s): Grand King Elitus Solar
Legislature: Laws are signed by the Grand King at the High Tower

Formation: 1604 AD

Total GDP: 524,334,556,497
GDP per capita: 10,166
Currency: Imper

Calling Code: +192

ISO 3166 code: SO, IMP

Internet TLD: .sol

Historical Summary:
Past History: Solaneses were a tribe long ago. They faced the hardship of heavy snow and death often. They built high structures to avoid being attacked by animals and they also built safe havens within caves to avoid harsh weather. One of the first rulers spoke of Sol as a guide and he convinced the people that Sol was their guide after rumors receiving strange messages from Sol that would guide them to many possibilities in life but are their choice to make either good or bad.

Modern-day: After the devestation of the Great War. The Empire of Sol mainly became isolated themselves from diplomacy. The solanese call this age the “Age of Silence.” In this age, people saw some hope by rebuilding thier society and reconnecting with Sol.

Following a vote on May 27th, 2023, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 6-0-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.