Empire Timeline and Sources

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August 16th, 2008

  • Lady Phedre becomes Delegate of the East Pacific, taking the Delegacy from Gnidrah.

  • Lady Phedre bans multiple defenders and natives trying to take back the Delegacy.

  • Lord Rahl makes his first post on TEP forums, announcing the coming of the Empire and its takeover of the East Pacific.

  • Many people respond negatively to Lord Rahl’s post, both due to the extremely pompous tone of the post as well as anger at the coup itself.

  • Daanistan encourages WA nations to endorse both him or Gnidrah in order for the Confederacy (loyal TEP government) to regain the Delegacy.

  • The Empire starts its efforts to move all forum activity from the TEP forums to the Empire forum.

  • Loop makes and posts a list of “safe” regions that TEPers can go to.

August 17th, 2008

  • Loop encourages WA nations to keep gathering endorsements, as Lady Phedre does not have enough influence to ban any long-term residents at this point of the coup.

  • TEPers continue to make their dislike of the coup known in Lord Rahl’s thread.

August 18th, 2008

  • Lord Rahl apologizes for posting his proclamation from August 16th in an OOC forum, and asks for the proclamation to be moved into an IC forum.

  • Loop posts a speech detailing TEP’s history (with slight historical revisionism), the unbanning of Govinda, and how TEP will eventually fall free of the Empire.

August 21st, 2008

  • Loop creates a “secret forum” for East Pacifican citizens-only, in order to give TEPers a place to talk without the Empire monitoring their forums. Both Biyah (who is Lord Rahl) and Dalimbar (Lady Anastasia) are able to post in the thread since they were prior citizens of TEP.

August 26th, 2008

  • HEM reports being banned from the Empire’s Forum for questioning one of the Empire’s Leader’s leadership.

August 27th, 2008

  • Loop reveals he made a proposal to the Empire, where Phedre would become an administrator of TEP’s forums, and that TEP could create a government subservient to the Empire.

  • Delegate Ghindra posts a statement about his inactivity concerning maintaining WA endorsements, and shows his support for a revolution against the Empire.

August 29th, 2008

  • Loop announces that the Empire rejected Loop’s offer, and wants TEP to move over to the Empire forum.

August 31th, 2008

  • Govinda makes a thread to oppose the rumors saying that he is Lady Anastasia.

  • Lord Rahl posts a statement on the Empire’s forum, revealing that the Empire is able to access Loop’s secret forum within the old TEP forums. Rahl goes on to quote several posts made by TEP Citizens within the secret forums.

  • Gatesville (the region the Empire is from) declares war between TNP and TEP, since members of the North Pacific have been assisting TEP in fighting the Empire.

September 3rd, 2008

  • Loop brings up a proposal from the Empire, wherein many TEP officials could become Empire nobles and help re-shape Empire TEP, as well as a few select individuals receiving global moderation powers. This marks the public start of negotiations between TEP and the Empire.

  • A well-known TEPer of the time, Warre, makes a statement asking for TEPers to compromise with the Empire.

September 4th, 2008

  • Loop makes a new thread in the secret forums asking for help with bringing a counter-proposal to the negotiation table. During discussion, Loop comes up with a counter-proposal and brings it to negotiations.

September 7th, 2008

  • Loop reveals that the Empire is hesitant to reveal their secret identities (probably a condition of Loop’s previous proposal).

September 8th, 2008

  • Loop reveals that negotiations have stalled.

September 9th, 2008

  • Loop reveals that the Empire wants Loop to make a statement about a certain topic that Loop refuses to make a statement about. Negotiations stall from hereon out.

September 11th, 2008

  • Loop declares he will cease most involvement in NS and leave the game due to stress dealing with the Empire. He nominations East Malaysia to be his replacement in negotiations.

  • Loop opens a discussion thread on how TEP’s government should be restructured under the Empire.

September 12th, 2008

September 18th, 2008

September 20th, 2008

September 21st, 2008

  • Lord Rahl reveals his identity as Biyah in the secret forums. This causes much shock, and Biyah’s access to the secret forums are removed.

  • East Malaysia officially submits withdrawal of TEP from negotiations.

September 22nd, 2008

  • The negotiations officially end. TEP begins discussing what to do next.

September 26th, 2008

  • Discussion on who should serve as Elders begin. While the official moment is not recorded, the Charter of the East Pacific (previous government from 2005 until now) is now suspended indefinitely. Loop, East Malaysia, and Flemingovia eventually become Elders.

October 3rd, 2008

  • Following revelations elsewhere that Lady Phedre is the player known as NeeNee (then popular TWPer), and that Lady Anastasia is the player known as Dalimbar, Loop opens discussions on what to do with the then-open embassy with the West Pacific.

October 12th, 2008

October 19th, 2008

  • East Malaysia makes a post to try and spur more activity from the TEP resistance, showing that the resistance was beginning to flag two months after initial invasion.

December 9th, 2008

  • A Slanted Black Stripe begins posting more on the TEP forums. They note Lady Phedre’s recent massive banjection of ~150+ nations, and begin calling for an unendorsement campaign. This sparks active discussion and re-ignites the resistance. Dannistaan and Kelssek are notable in their recorded help in the campaign and discussion on the RMB.

December 12th, 2008

  • Packilvania (long-time TEP leader and current Delegate-in-Exile) notices Lady Phedre’s dropping endorsement counts and also calls for an unendorsement campaign.

December 21st, 2008

January 4th, 2009

  • Sometime following discussions, a proposal written by the Free Pacific States (well known TEP legislator and Forum RPer) was selected. Todd posts an update about the proposal on this date, and accepts comments on it.

January 7th, 2009

  • Voting on the ratification of the constitutional proposal, the Concordat, begins.

January 11th, 2009

  • The Concordat is declared to be ratified, ending the Empire era and beginning a new era for TEP.

Edit: Due to TEP Forum transition, all TEP forum links are currently broken. May be fixed in the future.


Notes for our viewers:
A) The secret forum mentioned in multiple threads no longer exists. But as far as I know, it was limited to Citizens-only so as to give TEPers a place to chat + plan away from Empire eyes.

B) No one knew the identities of “Lord Rahl”, “Lady Phedre”, and “Lady Anastasia” at the start of the coup. This allowed both Lord Rahl (as “Biyah”) and Lady Anastasia (as “Dalimbar”) to access the secret forums, since both individuals were masked as “Citizens”. Lord Rahl/Biyah used this access to leak posts from said forums.

C) Biyah would eventually reveal his true identity. He leaked all of the plans within the secret forum to the Empire when it wasn’t known that he was Lord Rahl.

D) The Inquisitor was, as far as I see, a position where someone would prosecute (and possibly ban?) nations from TEP. Basically a one-man court. If I recall correctly, Biyah was the Inquisitor.

^ Lord Rahl announcing coming of Empire

^ Daanistan encourages WA nations to endotart to retake the Delegacy from Phedre.

^ Loop telling natives to join WA and to not leave the region

^ Small discussion on other regions TEPers can migrate to.

^ Lord Rahl apologizing for putting the “Coming of Empire” thread in an OOC forum.

^ Loop gives a speech on the coup

^ Loop begins a thread in the secret forum (Note: Both Dalimbar and Biyah are able to access this forum; they haven’t revealed their identities yet.)

^ HEM reports being banned for mocking the “High Council”

^ Loop talks about a proposal he made to the Empire

^ Govinda starts a discussion on whether the claims that he is Lady Anastasia (based on IP stuff) is valid or not.

^ Delegate Gnidrah releasing a statement on the coup.

^ Post about Lord Rahl and how TEP’s secret forums were infiltrated.

^ Post about how Gatesvill has declared war on TNP for trying to retake TEP from Empire (Note: Post from Biyah trying to match Govinda as Lady Anastasia)

^ Loop posts about Rahl’s offer to the Confederacy.

^ Warr, a Confederalist who becomes High Nobility of the Empire to help TEP, makes a statement on wanting TEP to compromise with the Empire.

^ Loop asks for suggestions to make new/change the proposal given to the Empire

^ Loop deciding that he will step away from the game.

^ Discussion on how the new government under the Empire should be structured… Flemingovia’s idea of the Elders is first posted here.

^ Lord Rahl reveals his identity as Biyah, revealing that he was the “leak” from the secret forums all along.

^ East Malaysia makes a post asking the forum community about what they’d like to see come out of the talks w/ the Empire

^ Loop makes a thread about NeeNee being Lady Phedre, Dali is also noted as Lady Anastasia.

^ A nation reports being threatened almost to the point of banjection by Lady Phedre.

^ FPS posts about missing forum activity. Here. Biyah reveals that Loop broke several promises.

^ Gnidrah resigns from TEP and declares that he is leaving NS.

^ East Malaysia makes a post trying to spur activity from the resistance.

^ Kelssek reveals a TG he received about recruitment into the Empire’s military.

^ ASBS notes Lady Phedre ejected rando nations and decides to take action

^ Pax notices Lady Phedre’s dropping endocount and calls for an unendo campaign.

^ ASBS makes a thread about the end of the coup.

Additional info (non-timeline):

^ ASBS’s testimony