Ensuring Commercial Vessel Navigation

The World Assembly,
Realizing the dangers of sea travel in the absence of proper navigational tools and techniques,
Hoping to improve international safety standards on sea travel,

  1. Defines

  2. “nautical routes” as routes allocated for commercial vessels to travel through a given area of sea,

  3. “nautical charts” as maps that show the shape of the shoreline, the underwater topography, tidal changes in water depth, nautical routes, major currents and specific localized dangers to sea travel,

  4. “nautical instrumentation” on a commercial vessel to include

  5. some way to determine one’s coordinates and direction of travel,

  6. some way to determine the local status of tide, and

  7. some way to communicate with other vessels and nearest authorities

  8. ”commercial vessels” as non-military vessels that transport cargo and/or passengers for hire;

  9. Mandates that member states

  10. create and frequently update nautical charts of their territorial waters and exclusive economic zone,

  11. share their nautical charts with commercial vessels that have the right to enter these areas;

  12. Requires that all commercial vessels registered in a member nation carry and utilize up-to-date nautical charts and nautical instrumentation;

  13. Mandates that all crews of commercial vessels registered in a member nation

  14. acquire the necessary nautical charts before leaving port,

  15. have their planned route pre-approved by the member states whose waters they will be traversing,

  16. when feasible, stay on nautical routes,

  17. obey the local authorities when it comes to additional temporary regulations applied to all commercial vessels in that area,

  18. communicate with the nearest authorities and other vessels, if they must for one reason or another depart from their pre-approved traveling plans, and

  19. carry nautical charts for the areas they intend to pass through.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Ensuring Commercial Vessel Navigation was passed 11,876 votes to 2,056.