Entropy in the East

It’s clear that our current system isn’t working. We once claimed that, while entropy claimed the UCRs, we would still be here, but entropy is ensnaring our existence as well. We have low voter turnout, low executive staff, low legislative activity, low drive, and low impact in the interregional stage. The Pax and its MGC dominate, opposed by BOM and its friends, while our neutral middle ground is populated by close friends and allies which are swiftly forgotten by the GP community at large. There needs to be a change, and there have been good ideas and good attempts, but it’s clear to me that there’s only one solution: Rewrite our government. Repeal I mean amend the Concordat to replace every single word so that we can create a new government that is more suited for the modern age. The crashers are right - only revolution, sweeping political change on a systemic level, can hope to revive a dying region. But no coup is necessary. This

change can be peaceful and lawful. If elected delegate I will do nothing. We must focus all our manpower on this revolution, which must be accomplished on a legislative level. I will fire all Executive staff and ministers so that they can focus their efforts on this massive undertaking. We must use the few resources we have to the best of their ability. Quick, go vote. We don’t have much time left.