Entropy Personified

Greetings denizens of the Confederacy of all things TEP,

I wandered in here by accident. Actually that’s not true. Kandarin tricked me. It’s not much of an accomplishment. In my life it’s practically a daily event.

I do not want an embassy. The whole ambassador thing smacks of effort. Animal House does have three Ambassadors in other regions: Pinto, Whut The Hell, and Cousin Whut The Hell. If you visit them, please ensure you vaccinations are up to date first.

My posts in TEP thus far should be conclusive proof I am not here to recruit. Hoover (Animal House’s founder) just put the title of recruiter in my nation name to make me go out and play once in a while.

I am here as part of some vast conspiracy involving hippos, daleks, a sleepy fox, and a hovering manatee. At least that’s what the fridge owls told me.


Aha, welcome to our region, Bluto! I am honored to see you here, lolz

Thanks. Don’t click on the Nude Woman link in my sig.

You want to, but don’t.

So this is the Bluto guy everyone talks about… Welcome to the forums!

YES! Welcome!


Are you responsible for the BP oil spill?

That’s a good question. He does have the scent of dead marine life about him.

Welcome Bluto. I’m sure TEP will never be the same.

Bluto was never on that oil rig. He was present the first time Animal House burned down. They won’t let him play with the Tesla coil anymore.


  1. I DENY being on that oil rig. Or being inside Liz Cheney’s head.

  2. Animal House did burn down. Fire Marshall ruled the accelerant was methane. I was sleeping at the time and lucky to get out alive. I was never charged.

  3. I have no comment about “the Tesla Coil Incident.” Except that indoor lightning is really wicked slick.

Ah Bluto…you brighten my day!