EPNS Edition 21 - Lite

The Eastern Pacific News Service - Lite - Because long-form articles are hard these days
News Minister and Editor-in-Chief: [nation=Albrook]
November 13, 2022

Welcome to the Shadow Administration

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Delegate [nation=Eastern Alksearia] (Shadow) was elected on October 14, 2022, scoring 7 of 13 votes on the first round of elections. They have chosen the following as their cabinet:

Chief Minister of Regional Affairs: [nation=Eunopiar]
Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs: [nation=Dremaur]
Minister of Culture: [nation=American-Cascadia]
Minister of News: [nation=Albrook]
Minister of Outreach: [nation=New Leganes]
Minister of World Assembly: [nation=Cappedore]
UTEP Chancellor: [nation=The Confederated Socialist States]
Overseeing Officer of EPSA: [nation=Eshgh]
Cabinet Advisors: [nation=Albrook], [nation=Altys], [nation=Libertanny]

Please welcome the new TEP Executive government as they continue another term of excellence in service!

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Delegate and Regional Flag Contests

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The Delegate has hosted two flag contents so far.
The first contest selected the Delegate’s flag and ran from October 19, 2022, until October 26, 2022, with the final design chosen by vote on the TEP Community Discord by October 28, 2022. https://www.nationstates.net/images/flags/uploads/west_nagato__370214t2.png
West Nagato created the winning flag below.
The second contest is currently underway, beginning November 11, 2022, and ending on November 19, 2022. The result of the contest will choose TEP’s flag from November 20 - 26, 2022.

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October-November 2022 Legal Happenings

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In the Magisterium, the following developments have occured since Delegate Shadow’s election:

  • [nation=Aivintis] has been nominated and confirmed as an Arbiter, Vizier, and member of the Voter Registration Directorate

  • [nation=Marrabuk] has been nominated and confirmed as a Vizier, following his Viziership lapsing upon recently CTEing

  • A proposed amendment to the Eastern Pacific Soveriegn Army (EPSA) Act seeks to permit the EPSA to grief regions “deemed an Administrative exception by (TEP Admin)”

  • A proposed amendment rewrites the Chief Officer of Justice (COJ) Act. This rewrite seeks to make the COJ TEP’s prosecuting attorney office, centralizing the process for criminal indictment

  • A proposed amendment to the Regional Officers Act alters the Election Commissioner’s required persistence as an RO, among other fixes

In the Conclave, the following developments have occurred since Delegate Shadow’s election:

  • The Conclave concluded a Judicial Review “On the Question of Citizenship and Viziership”, answering questions with regard to a Vizier’s status after their “Vizier Nation” CTEs. Delegate Shadow initiated this JR

  • The Conclave rejected civil trial for [nation=Wallenburg] vs [nation=Aivintis]. Details are only within the Conclave section on the TEP Forums to avoid this newspaper from spreading undue doubts.

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(N+Z Day Recap)

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This was originally planned to be an extensive narrative article with interviews and a play-by-play of events, but that’s really hard to write. Please see this issue’s tagline.

TEP participated in N-Day with Anime Nations Against Liberals (ANAL), a faction including 19 of TEP’s allies and mutual regional friends, including Thaecia, The Free Nations Region, the Alstroemerian Commonwealths, and our newest consulate, Conch Kingdom to name a few participants.

Please see Thaecia’s August and September 2022 Foreign Update, where [nation=Altys] recaps the story better than I can do it justice over a month out from the event:


For Z-Day 2022, TEP’s government chose to embrace the undead hordes. TEP succeeded in being the 10th Most Zombified region on NS, and having the 11th most casualties.

Thank you to all participants for both site-wide events, whether you joined TEP’s collaborative plans or experienced the event in your own way! We look forward to having a good time as a region again next February for N-Day 8.

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Cards Season 3 Releases - TEAPOT to Resurge?!

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Just this week, NS Trading Cards Season 3 finally releases after three years since Season 2. Any nations that existed upon survey on November 12, 2022, have a Season 3 card.

[nation=The Atlae Isles] reports that there are 9 Legendary cards to collect just within TEP, as well as Delegate Shadow’s card being available for the first time for GCR Delegate card collectors. What do you plan to collect in Season 3?

Will this spark new life in The Eastern Association of Pacifican Ornamental Traders (TEAPOT), TEP’s cards guild? Historically this guild used to provide card incentives to Hussars of the East upon the REWARD program’s debut.

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