EPNS Edition 23, May 2023

Edition 23

Midnight Star Magazine: A Blast from the Past

Emjay Moon (East Malaysia)

A note from the editor

As I take up this edition, I decided to bring back a blast from the past from when I was the magazine editor. This is a limited-edition Midnight Star Magazine edition of EPNS. It will only feature the first three articles. You may view it here: EPNS Midnight Star Magazine Special Edition

Winning Spring Haiku

God-Emperor (The Fourth Imperium)

Yellow, the sun shines
Green, the trees shade from its light
Colors of the East

A TEP Legend: Free Pacific States

Matthew Terrus (Free Pacific States)

I think the sole bragging right that I could make is really helping Loop transform TEP into the major roleplay Pacific. But that was hardly just me – Wachovia, Codex, Kelssek, EM, Kandarin, and later on, Pack, Vlad, etc., were all really important to it. I was “RP Mod”, but I never actually had to do anything other than move threads around for people. The easiest mod job I’ve ever had. They are such a great group.

The funny thing is that despite my focus being on the RP side, I mostly think of the people when I think back to my days in the TEP. I’ve been playing in online communities for 20 years now, and TEP was by and far the friendliest place I’ve visited. I was 12 when I first joined TEP. But even though I was playing with a lot of older and way smarter people that surely realized I was a kid, I was always treated like an equal.

And when my parents quizzed me about what I was doing online, I always felt safe defending it because the community was so wholesome. There was none of the bickering or flaming or inappropriate stuff common elsewhere. It was probably the best roleplay in which I’ve ever participated, and that’s because it was just the kindest online community that I’ve ever seen.

New Podcasts on the Block

Emjay Moon (East Malaysia)

The Ministry of News has launched a new podcast! Eastward Bound will focus on the region and NSGP-related discussions.

The ministry has also partnered with Urth roleplay to revive Urthcast which will focus on Urth and worldbuilding as it did in its original form.

Both podcasts have had their pilot episodes and they were met with success. Unfortunately, neither of the recordings was saved before they met their deletion with the recording service provider.

As best said by the podcast editor and Deputy Minister of News Ruben (Luminarum), “So, TEP Radio is gonna need some work with the organisation but I think we’ve largely learnt from our mistakes (of not backup downloading the damn files smdh) and to just output stuff instead of tediously editing unnecessary things”

Celebrating 20 Years of TEP: May 31st - June 6th

Emjay Moon (East Malaysia)

To bring in the 20th birthday of our community we have opted for a week of events to give everyone an opportunity to join in to have fun! We will be hosting games, voice chats, an agora and more.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will have events hosted by the Ministry of Culture. Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday, and Monday will be community open event days. Anyone can host anything they wish from a game to a voice chat.

There could also be a popup anniversary special episode of Eastward Bound and Urthcast on any of the days.

Not only will we have these events, but 10 lucky community members will have a chance by contest and/or giveaway to receive a physical regional flag sponsored by Pax (Packilvania). Stay tuned for more details.

Featured Urth Roleplays from Tepwiki

Emjay Moon (East Malaysia)

Featured Valsora Dispatch: VALSORA

Emjay Moon (East Malaysia)

Take a look at the VALSORA dispatch to learn more about Valsora’s roleplay universe and how to join. Valsora is set in a modern tech world with some fantasy and magic thrown in. From the vantage point of a reader, it is set 10 years in the future, and you can find roleplay posts on The East Pacific’s very own Regional Message Board!