EPPS Commissioner Nominations

East Pacific Police Service Commissioner Nominations

As per the updated Curia Act, the East Pacific Police Service (EPPS) has been given control over to the Viziers. Viziers shall nominate an EPPS Commissioner from among themselves. This post shall (currently unofficially) also hold the title of Deputy to the Grand Vizier, taking over should the Grand Vizier take a Leave of Absence, or step down from the leadership role.


not accepted


East Malaysia

not accepted


Todd McCloud


Nomination period shall last 78 hours.
Voting will begin after nominations are over.

I nominate Todd McCloud

In the interest of adding some spice, I’ll nominate every Vizier who isn’t Stool (EM, Bach, Todd, VW, Brotherland, Hobbes, and I)

Thank you, but I decline.
In turn, I second the nominations of Todd McCloud and Ramaeus.

I appreciate the nomination, however I feel I must decline. I most definitely second all of the other nominations, though.

Due to my various other duties – I would not be the best fit

I’ll accept I guess

Sure why not.

Sorry about the delay in closing this. There was an issue with the forums last night so nominations went a bit longer than they should have.
Nominations are now closed. We have to nominees. Ram and Todd.

An election thread will be opened shortly.