EPPS Commissioner Replacement Nomination, October 2020

As Bach has resigned as EPPS Commissioner, we require a new holder for this position.
Please post nominations here, so we can fill the post quickly.


A MEAN OLD bald guy MAN

But seriously I nominate AMOM & Marrabuk.

I accept.

Thank you for the nomination but I’ll decline. I’ll nominate VW, Sammy, Dylan, Paki and Asendavia.

I appreciate a lot my nomination [mention]Marrabuk[/mention] , real thanks for it. But I feel I’ve not been Vizier/EPPS member the time enough to take the position, so I decline and will keep on learning on how this works!!

Thanks for the nomination, but I decline.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn ANE-LX1 met Tapatalk

After much consideration, I feel like I am due to step up in my responsibilities around The East Pacific, and given guidance by the Viziers I feel reassured that I am competent enough for this position. I accept.

I’ll be closing this nomination tonight, and will begin the vote shortly after.

Closing nominations