EPSA Goals for July

It’s a few days out from the start of a new month and a new Delegate term. I don’t have concrete statistics at the moment, but the EPSA has grown through the last two terms under Sakana’s and my leadership as Overseeing Officer. Of course, it would not have happened without the stellar participation of our EPSA soldiers, who I am intensely grateful for.

Here are the goals for July:


Create a list of all those in EPSA.

  • This will come in the form of a roll call which asks for availability and amount of experience. This will help us understand the status of EPSA as it is now and at update.

Re-organize the forum.

  • The EPSA forum as it is right now is underutilized. This is in part my fault, since I wasn’t sure what to do with it. However, I’ll submit a request to the forum admins reorganize it so it is more navigable and utilized for its potential. The mission reports thread will be pinned and the Hall of Achievements subforum will be repurposed as an archive for old threads.

Update the mission reports thread.

  • The mission reports thread is heavily backed up. The last operation posted in the mission reports thread was in late March, and we’ve done many updates after that. It might take a bit of time, but I’m planning on using this delegate transition to actually finish that. After all, if TEP doesn’t know what EPSA is doing, that decreases transparency and also hampers recruitment a bit. These will probably not be posted on the forum regularly, besides updates in EPNS.

Finalize a new ranking structure.

  • The EPSA should embark on a new theme every now and then to stay fresh. I’m working with Serge to create new ranks, which will have new names. That brings us to…

Commission badge designs.

  • The EPSA badges need updating with the new ranks and I’ll be working with Serge or other designers to make sure they are as good as possible.


  • Use the Communications RO position or TG stamps to send regional TGs.

  • Recruit 3-5 new, consistent updaters.

  • Get at least 5 new pilers on standby.

Teach 2-3 people how to trigger, including WA-locked people who want to feel included.

  • Having more triggers would expand the number of updates we can be available for, not just the ones I’m available for.

Being present at around 20 major updates and 10 minor updates this month.

  • This, of course, depends on when Libertanny has been put in the Delegate seat and when we can continue operations, as well as the number of triggers we have.

Joint ops with other organizations.

⅓-½ of EPSA’s operations in Libcord.

  • EPSA is an unaligned military not bound to any certain ideology. We have allies on both sides of the R/D spectrum, and we will strive to partake in both while complying with the law. Of course, participation in Libcord is strictly voluntary. Opsec will be strictly enforced for EPSA missions on both sides.

Assisting in any Delegate transitions or piles that our allies request.

Let me know if there are any comments, questions, or suggestions.  https://groups.tapatalk-cdn.com/smilies/52127/1536592189.7236-smiley.gif?ttinline=true