EPSA: In The Game

Hello! We’ve been VIBING this past week or three, and I thought it prudent to give some operation badges and general reports on what EPSA has been doing.

First up is our support of the Rejected Realm’s Delegate transfer, from the ever-nerdy Minskiev to Catalyse. We’re always very glad to support our allies in their endeavors, including Delegate transitions - which are often a major pain in the arse!

The following soldiers are thus awarded the following badge for their participation:

Overseeing Officer Zukchiva
General Agalaesia
General Vor
First Class Rook Cyberstrom
Third Class Rook God-Emperor

First up is our Liberation of Warzone Trinidad! Warzone Trinidad is one of the region’s we’re currently embassied with, and EPSA was all but glad to help our friends out when they got raided by mainstream raiders a week or two ago. The following soldiers were present and may use the shown badge:

Delegate Altys (trigger)
Overseeing Officer Zukchiva
General Agalaesia
General Vor
Knight Astro
Lance Eastern Alksearia
Pawn The Ambis

But Warzone Trinidad then decided that it would go on to bash some fascists and asked us to come along, so we did. The first operation included me, Spandon, and The Ambis (trigger + WZT military and EPSA as well) - but things didn’t go so well. However, Spandon, Ambis, and WZT went on to fash bash one of the regions the next day and succeeded.

For Third Class Rook Spandon taking initiative to join this operation and bash fash, and for The Ambis leading the operation, they may use the below badge:

Then three days ago, we decided to have some fun and try a spelling raid in the name of TEP20, with our TBH friends. With defenders distracted elsewhere, it seemed things should’ve gone well - but unfortunately it seems Catbot took too much catnip once we got it up, so we only got 13 hits. Nonetheless, many thank yous to Dremaur for organizing the entire op and then manually triggering until we tried using Catbot!

Our internal report:
6/4/2023 Major

Dremaur (trigger), Vor, Catbot (trigger), Zukchiva + TBH

13 tags:
1 NationStates | BJKB
2 NationStates | International Federalist Union
3 NationStates | The Phoenix Brotherhood
4 NationStates | The Allied Army of the Great Dachu
5 NationStates | Airbus Company
6 NationStates | Malimoorian Dimension
7 NationStates | Federation of Canada
8 NationStates | The west germanic provinces
9 NationStates | The Socialist Countries
10 NationStates | Fredbears Family Diner
11 NationStates | Peinda speindea
13 NationStates | Daniels1710

Finally, we had the liberation of Greater Sahara, which saw the liberation of the second viable and successful frontier-born region to exist at present. 101 endorsements were utilized to free the region. EPSA contributed 4 - which seems paltry in comparison, but is still solid turnout for us nonetheless (especially since I sent the lib notice at like… 10 minutes before the operation)! The following soldiers can use the below badge due to their participation in the liberation:

Overseeing Officer Zukchiva
General Agalaesia
General Vor
Third Class Rook God-Emperor

We are also currently helping our friends in The Free Nations Region with their own Delegate transfer - a report on that will be written up when that operation is completed!

Many thanks to our soldiers for participating in many operations with us. EPSA is awesome! :smiley:

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