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A log of major EPSA actions. Changes, promotions, and/or monthly mission updates will be posted here.

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April 8th, 2023.

Rank structure simplified. Old ranks viewable here. New ranks here.

Silver General and Knight were merged into Knight. General became Command rank, Bishop and Flying Chariot were retired. Rank requirements were updated. Two new ranks outside of the structure - Advisor to Command and Commander Emeritus, were added.

April 10th, 2023

Piler Corps is instituted to formalize a piler arm. Ranks for the Piler Corps. are created. Updater Corps. is created to formalize regular updaters and adopts the previously universal EPSA ranks.

Lance Cyberstrom and Knight Silverwolf have been switched to the Piler Corps with the rank of Rook, First Class.

Couple of things.

First, released this report on our Operation in the Wellsprings! :smiley:

Second, created this thread to act as a repository for all EPSA operation badges. I know there’s an overall badge repository lying around, but gonna leave EPSA ones here since that one isn’t really updated.

Third, a list of all current EPSA members (want to do this monthly):
Updater Corps

Rank Name
Delegate Altys
OO Zukchiva
General Vor
General Aga
General Catiania
General Atlae
Commander E. Tretrid
Knight Astro
Lance Dremaur
Pawn The Ambis

Notes: Ambis is the only one listed who joined this month (we did, however, have a soldier who did indeed join and leave in the same month). Tretrid was given the specialist rank of Commander Emeritus (so technically he shouldn’t be listed within Updater Corps, but for conveinience’s sake he is).

Piler Corps

Rank Name
FC Rook Cyber
FC Rook Silverwolf
TC Rook Distro-Spartica
TC Rook Spandon
TC Rook God-Emperor

Cyber and Silver were promoted to First Class Rooks at the creation of the Piler Corps, primarily due to their extensive experience. Distro, Spandon, and God-Emperor joined the EPSA as Piler Corps this month, participated in an operation, and were promoted from Pawn to Third Class Rook.

Fourth, removed requirement for Pawns wishing to join the Piler Corps from having jumping training, since realistically their first operation may be a pile which involves moving but not nessecarily jumping with a nation.

Should be all! :>

Rook General rank changed to Chief Whip, to better denote the position’s duties with its name.

EPSA had no newbies or resignations during May.


5/27/2023 Major Dremaur, Zukchiva, Cat (techsupport) 8 tags, approx

5/27/2023 Minor Zukchiva, Ambis (first tag = W), Vor 1 tag out of 19 targ (f)

5/28/2023 Minor Altys (trigger), Zukchiva, Astro, Shadow, Aga, Vor, Ambis + THA, TGW, UDSAF, WZT 1 liberation: NationStates | Warzone Trinidad

We also had a failed liberation of Ocala that we technically won anyways because the invading WA Delegate was multing :y

(yeah… we didn’t do much, did we. xD)

Badges awarded in this aggregation of operation reports: EPSA: In The Game

The Ambis has been promoted from Pawn to Lance. Specifics here: EPSA Promotion: The Ambis