EPSA Re-Theme

EPSA Command have been thinking about re-theming the EPSA. This means new graphics, potentially new rank names, all in all a new “vibe,” and we need your help!

What We’re Looking For:

  • An Idea for a theme - this could be anything from a broad “air force” theme to a bit more detailed one (like a French Imperial guard one, for example);

  • A Wikipedia link to whatever you think is relevant so that we can investigate further;

  • Ideas for ranks and military divisions are appreciated, as long as they fall in line with our restrictions (see below). This is not required - you might only be proposing a “vibe” (e.g. "I want our military to be vaguely tropical), which would mean we’d probably be able to keep current names.

  • If possible, find iconography and images you think are relevant (for example, if you’re suggesting a Japanese one, link iconography from the period you’re suggesting, or if you’re suggesting an anime theme (please don’t, this is just an example), show us images from your animes etc.).


  • The idea must be appropriate.

  • if you’re proposing them, the rank and division names must be easily understood and rank named must clearly correspond to a rank - don’t let this stop you from proposing, we can always workshop your idea later.

  • We will not be changing the EPSA’s name, so don’t even think about proposing that.

Anyway, I LOOK FORWARD TO ANY IDEAS YOU MAY HAVE! I’ll share what EPSA soldiers have said when we’ve had some replies to this as well!

Recommend that the default message when editing a raided region’s WFE be as follows:

— Begin quote from ____

Ademar, the One Unity of Sky and Earth, calls me,

I will heed His Voice and join His heavenly hosts

In service to the Lord and Defender I offer my soul, which is of the Sky, through which I may inspire His soldiers;

My body, which is of the Earth, that I may stand and weather the tide of evil, I offer in His divine service

I fear no evil, I fear no death, I fear not the heretic nor the monster

For Ademar is with me in His Glory!

— End quote

Also, all ranks save “Overseeing Officer” should be renamed to some word for “priest,” such as those PRIEST Synonyms: 19 Synonyms & Antonyms for PRIEST | Thesaurus.com

Much of our re-theme work has started. Check out our sexy new badges About the EPSA - The East Pacific - Tapatalk

Of course, there are still a few more things to come so stay tuned :wink: