Esteiran News Agency

17 terrorists killed, 43 arrested by National Guard in Amarpa clashes

January 15, 2023

AMARPA - Thirty seven terrorists have been killed over the last two days in clashes with the National Guard in Amarpa Department, the Ministry of National Defense announced Sunday.

The National Guard was ordered into terrorist-controlled rural villages in southern Amarpa Department to flush out members of the terrorist organization, the so-called Liberation Forces of Esteira (FLE), who have controlled villages near the border with the Federation of Bana since late 2022.

Fighting began outside Penalva at 1130 hrs on January 13 and has continued since, with the National Guard making large gains against the FLE and killing 17 terrorists. The Ministry of National Defense announced an additional 43 fighters had been arrested. Two members of the National Guard were killed and seven were wounded.

President Souza praised the National Guard in a statement and asked residents for “patience,” pledging that all citizens in Amarpa Department will “soon be able to return to their normal lives.”