Ewenshire Claim



Nation Name (long): The Kingdom of Ewenshire

Nation Name (short): Ewenshire

National Animal: Sheep

National Flower/Plant: Wild Ryegrass

National Anthem: “Over the Prairies We Go”

Capital: Caolach

Largest City (Metropolis): Caolach

Demonym: Ewe

Language: Eweic


83% Kemonomimi (Ewe)

12% Elf

5% Human

Population: 51,000,000 (2023)

Government type: Constitutional Monarchy


Monarch: Queen Maeve of Coed III

Prime Minister: Roland Lach

Legislature: The Parliament of Ewenshire

Formation: 1818

Total GDP: 408 Billion SHD

GDP per capita: 8,000 SHD

Currency: the Dayntee (ɖ)

Calling Code: +390

Abbreviation: EWE

ISO 3166 code: ES

Internet TLD: .es

Historical Summary:

Ancient hunter-gatherer kemonomimi first settled in the eastern horn of mid Arcturia in 10,000 BCE. After several migration periods, the settlers had spread inland toward the grassland plains, where they first made use of agriculture.

By the 7th century BCE, several city-states and petty kingdoms vied for control over the inlands to be able to boost their agricultural power. More coastal city-states toward the north focused their efforts on nautical trade.

In the 3rd century BCE, the Empire of the Ewe, which was named after the Ewe River on which its capital was situated, took control of many of the city-states and petty kingdoms. The Empire of the Ewe used a system akin to feudalism, in which Lords traded and, on rare occasions, fought over land.

Following the beginning of the 1st century CE, the empire fell apart, leaving behind several powerful families named Guilds which formed to take up the power vacuum. After several centuries of fighting, negotiations, and trade, 10 Guilds were left ruling over various parts of the previous empire.

In 1818, a wave of nationalism over the region prompted the Guilds to attempt unification. They unified into a parliamentary federation and ceremoniously crowned one of the Heads of the Guilds as the Queen of Ewenshire. They made the monarchy’s seat rotational, so each guild would hold the title of monarch and pass it along to the next when the monarch died.

Ewenshire, facing an economic crisis due to the halt of trade during the Great War, opted to stay neutral to not get involved.

Some Changes to Map size, Pop, and GDP Per Capita!

New Pop: 34 million people

New GDP per Capita: 12,000 GDP per capita

Total GDP stays the same!

New Map:

Oo also I made a typo! The capital’s name is Coeloch! Not Coelach!

Following a vote on February 11th, 2024, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 6-0-1. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.

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