Welcome to Exotic Exports, the Urths first anonymous marketplace. We offer a variety of goods and services both in and outside of the law where required.

Our current marketplace listings are listed below:



Item: 2x Vulpine Males
Seller: trafiker69
Location: Aurora
Price: $2000 each
Description: Two able bodied and healthy male Vulpines good for all kinds of work. Able to traffic slaves locally safely, globally at customers own risk.

Item: Classified video of torture in REDACTED
Seller: fuckedupvids.caek
Location: Undisclosed
Price: $650
Description: A classified video of a vulpine and human being tortured in undisclosed labour camp in REDACTED. Digital copy only, will be emailed following payment.

Item: Harvested Human Organs
Seller: harvester_dr
Location: Secure location in Gondwana
Price: From $2000 to $11000
Description: Need that transplant and don’t want to wait months? Dr Harvester has you sorted! Starting from just $2000 we can supply you or a loved one with that needed organ! Order organs over $5000 and we will ship from our secure location in Gondwana globally for free!

Item: Contract Killer for Hire
Seller: agent_74
Location: Urth
Price: Depends on the hit
Description: Neighbour shagging your wife? Boss pissing you off? Just want someone gone? I can eliminate your problems and help you out. Contact me for a quote today!

Item: Shipping Container
Seller: void_null
Location: Yasteria
Price: $22000
Description: Shipping container full of humans and other species for offer. All are adult and able bodied so will make for good long term slaves. Offer will not last long so contact me today!

Item: Bomb making kit
Seller: bombsrus
Location: Concord
Price: $3215
Description: A full bomb making kit conviently disguised as a suitcase. $3215 for a single suitcase including shipping. Batteries not included.

Item: Vulpine Rug
Seller: exoticfurs
Location: Aurora
Price: $1300
Description: Highly illegal rug made from a skinned vulpine male. Is in excellent condition and fur feels lovely. Able to ship across the Urth for an added $150.

Item: Various human limbs
Seller: xeron
Location: Arcturia
Price: $3500 per limb
Description: Various assorted human limbs and body parts. All are in perfect condition and have been kept frozen to ensure quality. Shipping unavailable to Gondwana or Atlantia.

Item: All sorts of Drugs
Seller: magic_dave
Location: Aurora
Price: $10 to $250 depending on the drug
Description: I am selling a wide variety of drugs from recreational cannabis and mushrooms to heroin and cocaine. Able to quickly ship product across Aurora and will ship to other continents at buyers own risk.

Item: Mamma Maria’s Homegrown Peaches
Seller: ilovepeaches047
Location: Furnifold
Price: 300 kirib per case, shipping not included
Description: Mamma Maria’s Homegrown Peaches, the Urth’s tastiest Peaches are now avaliable online! Looking to make a delicious peach pie, why not Mamma Maria’s Homegrown Peaches? Looking to top off that perfect gift basket, add some of Mamma Maria’s Homegrown Peaches! Don’t forget that Mamma Maria’s Homegrown Peaches goes great in salads and desserts! We have several hundred cases of delicious Mamma Maria’s Homegrown Peaches awaiting your every need so don’t hesitate to order yourself some tasty Mamma Maria’s Homegrown Peaches today!

((OOC: Anyone is free to list their own stuff on the marketplace and buy from others))[edit_reason]ilovepeaches[/edit_reason]

The Furnifold Patriotic Front requests to purchase from any seller several cases of fragmentation grenades, tear gas, and flash-bang grenades. In addition, the FPF requests to purchase a large quantity of bulletproof vests. The FPF will pay upwards of fifty thousand Kirib for the materials and the safe and secure passage to a location in Furnifold.

*OOC Note: The FPF is an extremist group located in Furnifold. The Furnifold government monitors the group for illicit activities, and has produced a moratorium on the organization’s ability to buy military weapons through reputable sellers. The FPF procures these goods through the black market, coercion, or donations.

From: arch_bish0p1
To: void_null
Subject: shipping container

I’m looking for more hands in my operation, what you’re selling is perfect. Let me know how much shipping is going to be to get it down to Calcite.

From: void_null
To: arch_bish0p1
Subject: RE:shipping container
Ah most excellent, shipping to calcite will be an extra 3500 kiribs. Please note however due to the “fragile” nature of the livestock I cannot guarentee that none of them will perish, however I will do my best to ensure their survival. Following confirmation of payment I will dispatch the container and send you the tracking code for the it along with instructions on how to receive it.

From: arch_bish0p1
To: void_null
Subject: RE:RE:shipping container

Perfect. I’ll have the money to you right away. My account info is 2110785520184 with North Axdel Financial. Get the cargo here as soon as possible.

From: void_null
To: arch_bish0p1
Subject: RE:RE:RE:shipping container
Order has been dispatched. Thanks for doing business! Tracking number is #1110424933 and it is on express shipping. Deliver should be in a days time.