Expansionist Dreams

OOC: I thought this would be a nice RP justification to claim more land. Besides, I thought it would be appropriate to post a topic about it so that other nations could gauge their responses and such to my expansionism.

Ragnar, Admiral of the Asendavian fleet, and acting High Commander, steps into the room. “My king, we need more land.”

"And why is this Ragnar? Jon responds as he looks up.

“To keep up with the production of our military of course. In specifics, I was thinking the islands to the east of us. They are unpopulated and ripe for the taking. I was also thinking of taking some land in Gondwana.”

“Are you mad? The islands to our east sound fine but land in Gondwana? Setzna and Stratarin in particular would be suspicious, not to mention the rest of the SEPC and possibly the international community as well. What would your purpose for land in Gondwana be anyway?” Jon replies as he starts to glare at Ragnar.

“As long as we keep a small military force there and GENTLY remove the natives from the land in Gondwana, we should be fine. As to the other nations, we could tell them that we don’t intend it to be for military use, which will be true. I intend the land to be used to house more civilians and expand all of our industries. I’ve heard the land there is quite rich in minerals and lumber, those would be quite important for infrastructure and possibly even our military.”

“Fine!” Jon snaps as he sits back down, “Ready up the navy and some settlers. Be extra damn careful, I don’t want to anger anyone else any further.”

“Yes my king,” Ragnar replies as he leaves the room.

Domestic Minister James Stevenson sighed. Since Wilson and Smith were busy in Aura, Emberwood Coast, he had to tend to administrative matters. He had a letter to write.

To: The leadership of Asendavia
From: Bartholomew Smith
I have noticed that you are looking to expand your nation. I would like you to know that you may trigger some hostilities, and you may need the OK of other nations.
James Stevenson
Minister of Domestic Affairs, temporary Prime Minister
The Second Republic of Tretrid

— Begin quote from ____

Domestic Minister James Stevenson sighed. Since Wilson and Smith were busy in Aura, Emberwood Coast, he had to tend to administrative matters. He had a letter to write.

To: The leadership of Asendavia
From: Bartholomew Smith
I have noticed that you are looking to expand your nation. I would like you to know that you may trigger some hostilities, and you may need the OK of other nations.
James Stevenson
Minister of Domestic Affairs, temporary Prime Minister
The Second Republic of Tretrid

— End quote

To: Leadership of Tretrid
From: Jon Harstad

This is no more than I have expected. This is why we are being as careful as possible and not harming any natives we meet. I know for a fact that if we harmed the natives we most certainly would be condemned and possibly attacked. Besides being seen as a threat to nearby Stratarin and Setzna.
Thank you,
Jon Harstad
King of Asendavia
Kingdom of Asendavia

Jon approaches Ragnar with his guard. “How is it goimg Ragnar?”

“Well my King. The fleet is ready to launch now with the small military force and the settlers.” Ragnar replies as he turns around.

“Good. Order them to launch now. Make sure to hit each of the islands first and then head to the designated land in Gondwana.” Jon says as he stops.

“Yes my king. LAUNCH THE FLEET!!” Ragnar bellows.

The fleet starts to move out to sea as the settlers wave out to their families.

“Let’s head back to the castle now Ragnar.”

“Yes my King.”

Ragnar and Jon start to head back to the castle as the fleet starts to disappear in the distance.

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Dear King,
I’ll try and make this short.
I find your wish for expansion highly interesting. So, I want to send 5,000 (five thousand) Mexregionan colonists to your new claims. My gain: extra knowledge of the art of colonization, which, who knows, might be of use one day. Your gain: capital. Mexregionan vessels will land the 5,000 on the beaches of Gondwana, and will be sent goods and materials regularly. They will construct a fort farther inland, which shall be under jurisdiction of the USM, and shall be practically self-reliant. In exchange for the use of land and resources in your claims, trade deals will be set up, and a minimum of 5% of raw material collected by my colonists will be imported to your settlements. Although the fort will be lightly armed, there will be no need for conflict; my specific orders will be to not terrorize Asendavian or native peoples, and only use weapons in self-defense. My hope for this mission is to, along with experimentation, further relations between our two great nations, further the general progress of said nations, and develop the raw continent that is Gondwana.
For further discussion, contact me, and talks will be administered.
Yours truly, and with best intentions,

— End quote

— Begin quote from ____

From: Jon Harstad
Kingdom of Asendavia
To: Mister Leader II
US Mexregiona

Dear President,
I find your request quite intriguing. Normally, we are quite an isolationist nation, in the sense we usually let no one into our country that is of foreign descent. But, we will allow it in this case in Gondwana. I find the purposes of your request to be satisfying and I will allow it. Trade deals and further relations between our two countries would benefit us both immensely. As long as your people that you send don’t attack us and my people don’t attack yours, I think this can work out.
Yours truly,
King of Asendavia, Jon Harstad

— End quote

Domestic Minister Stevenson sighed. He would have to send letters, while Prime Minister Wilson was sitting negotiating treaties in Aura.

To: Jon Harstad
From: James Stevenson
Hello again,
We do not wish to participate in your colonization. We will not intervene in any way as long as you follow the conditions listed below:

  1. You may not colonize any islands west of 160 W, unless colonizing in Gondwana,
  2. No colonies in Gondwana neighboring Stratarin or Setzna may conduct hostilities with the aforementioned nations,
  3. You may not restrict trade between Stratarin or Setzna,
  4. You may not interfere with the Cantaz Joint Military Operations Command, unless they have attacked you.
    This is not an ultimatum, merely an advisory. We wish you comply, or repercussions may occur.
    Thank you,
    James Stevenson
    Minister of Domestic Affairs, Temporary Prime Minsiter
    The Second Republic of Tretrid

To: James Stevenson

From: Jon Harstad

Hello again to you as well,
None of the four things you have listed have we intended to do. The only other islands in Gondwana we would be colonizing would be a couple to the northeast of our colony. I also don’t intend to border Setzna or Stratarin. Finally, I also don’t intend to interfere with the C.J.M.O.C. I also feel fit to tell you that we have already hit the islands to the east of us and we’re heading to our designated colony spot in Gondwana currently.

You are welcome,
Jon Harstad
King of Asendavia
Kingdom of Asendavia

The 2,500 men and 2,500 women of the Colonial Affiliation Regimen of Mexregiona by Asendavia (CARMA) were ready to be boarded onto the USMS Gritted. The Grit, as it was sometimes called, was a massive, slightly-worn vessel that was lightly armed. Much of the cargo space in the hull of the monster consisted of resources to be consumed by the colonists upon arrival. Amongst these materials were foodstuffs, repellents, medicines, paper crafts, and tools, and, of course, other things. Oh, there was caek, too.
The ship was docked in downtown Nouvelle Ville, a little-known, yet large, city at the southern extreme of Mexregiona. Being just above the northern tip of Sydonia, it was a prime spot for travel; it offered a gateway to the opposite side of the continent, not to mention Gondwana, Arcturia, and, yes, even the western tip of Yasteria Major. It had become a hub in recent years, and the growths of the city just kept enlarging.
After the full load of 5,000 people (which included the sailors and captain of the vessel) arrived onto the USMS, ropes were cut, beer drank, cannons fired. A landmark event for the nation had just taken place.

“I hope those Asendavians in Gondwana play nice,” Custodian Jordan, at your service, said to the captain.

“I do, too, Jordan,” Captain Franklin Vanderbuilt replied, hands occupied with the lightly outdated technology of the boat. He had had six, count them, six years of service in the waters of the USM, but, surprisingly, this would be the first time he had traveled to another continent. Well, unless you include the Western Aequatorial Islands of Mexregiona; he’d only been on vacation there, though. Anyway, it was disputed whether or not the archipelago was to be considered part of Gondwana; geographically speaking: Gondwana, politically: Atlantia, biodiversity: Gondwana, culturally: Atlantia. The list goes on and on, actually.

Luckily, for Mexregionan boats, anyway, the strait between Atlantia and Gondwana was very calm. The captain much preferred this over the highly dangerous and choppy tides that were found north of Louisianaia and between that island and Infinite Loop.
Still, he had to be careful.

The Glory of Mexregiona, a colorful, symbolic snatch of cloth, flew proudly above The Grit. Far from the water and fronteiring toward the relatively unknown land of riches. Yes, things were lookin’ good. Even the guests were happy.

ETA: Very soon.

The small fleet traveled through the waters unharmed. Magnar Zharkov, third son of Viktor Zharkov who is the duke of Yoria and Minister of Foreign Diplomacy, stood at the bow of the ship he was on. It had taken two days to get this far. Their first stop had been the islands east of Asendavia, where they let off some colonists and a small garrison. After that, they met the open ocean. The captain of the ship started to approach Magnar. “My lord,” he spoke, “We shall be approaching the designated colony in 3 to 5 hours.”

Magnar turned his head towards the captain and nodded. The captain nervously stood there until he said, “You should probably get your guard to ready your things, my lord.”

Magnar took one last look at the endless ocean. “Alright,” he replied as he walked past the captain.

“By Ademar can he be unnerving,” the captain muttered as he jogged back to the bridge.

“Sir, I can see the bar.”

The Grit hovered alongside the coast of Northern Gondwana, seemingly to designate a place for a temporary base of operations. The coast was beautiful, scenery and environment exquisite. The captain was ecstatic.

“I see it, too. You know, though, we’re waiting for them. I’d like them to get here first; it’s there land, after all.”

“Of course, Cap’n.”

Gazing across the shallow reef of sediment, Vanderbuilt marveled at all the things that could be done here. So many things to see, to do. What an adventure! “Harold, get me my journal.”

Harold, the captain’s second right-hand man, twice removed, handed him the booklet, complete with personal momentos and photographs.
Vanderbuilt’s eyes glazed over when he bored into the notes, lost in a world of hope and tragedy. The man had gone through many a scene, most recently being thrown into the Battle of The Hill, taken a fall during the Hegemon Incident, and gotten back up to witness, with the Mexregionan public, the Four Days War.

“Harold, I think this is one of the first times I’ve been truly happy.”

“Why do you say that, sir?”

" 'Cuz I finally have a chance to help people; all the other stuff I did was kill. I think it’s time to aid the nation, and Asendavia, if we can."

“Sir, you might want to write that down. Plaster somepin’ like it on every wall of your deck. What you just said can make a change.”
Harold smiled. And Vanderbuilt, for the first time in months, laughed heartily.

“My lord, we are at the coast. We have also spotted the Mexregionan ship and are hailing them now,” the captain said opening Magnar’s door.

“Excellent. Have the rest of the fleet land the settlers and garrison.”

“Yes my lord.”

The captain left Magnar’s room. A few minutes later, Magnar stood up and walked towards the bow of the ship. “Beautiful,” he murmured as he gazed towards the coast, “This will be a turning point in our history. The beginning of the Age of Colonialism.” He gazed towards the Mexregionan ship and saw the rest of the Asendavian fleet passing by, getting as close as they could towards the shore. He left the sight there and walked to go get his guards.

Trade for Vekaiyu was quickly becoming among the most important aspects of the Vekaiyun Union. By splitting the continent of Yasteria in twain, they were able to benefit greatly by allowing access into the prosperous Gulf of Itur without having to loop around the continent and pass through potential hazardous waters, both in terms of the environment and the nations which harbored them.

Of course, some routes didn’t change too much. The Reziel-Isklevyu trade route was one such route that still required a long journey by sea. Now, instead of looping around back into the gulf through icy waters, the ships could avoid the treacherous journey by switching paths and taking a rendezvous with Iskelvyu. Warmer waters were always to be preferred, especially in the winter months, even if it meant traveling a bit farther.

And such was the final trade passage until March for Reziel to Vekaiyu. This grouping featured some 23 merchant class ships, most toting oil. They were arraigned in the common diamond formation, with the top and bottom of the diamond “tipped” with two Siknavov Class Vekaiyun destroyers in case there were any small skirmishes from pirates along the way. Two submarines had been added to the convoy at the orders of Premier Levinile, whose sour interactions with Asendavia during the most recent war concerned her, and due to the volume of the convoy. They followed a safe distance behind, flanking the lead destroyer.

As the lead destroyer, V.S.K. Revesnire approached the largest channel between the unclaimed islands, the Stoika Commodore Viktor Namilovi began picking up ships on his radar. He established an open-air communication, rudimentary for a large smattering of vessels in the area.

“Make way for Vekaiyun Trade Convoy ZN-1294!” he blasted in Unonian. “Steer clear of our path. We will be diverting fourteen degrees from the current course at 17 knots in order to clear the largest strait. Any craft that does not make an effort to stand down and avoid our path will be considered threats to the Vekaiyun Union and handled accordingly! If any ships are unable to avoid this area, the radio waves will be silent for clear transmission. We will allow the customary one hour for any justified explanation!”

He repeated the same in Codexian.

“Holy God of Crap, they’re onto us!”
Vanderbuilt panicked, flashbacks of The Hill and giant, Keigan Sea waves crashing in foam around the backs of his eyes. Frightened tears streamed down the man’s face, which were full of strife and rotten nostalgia.

“Captain, Captain! You’re havin’ another flash!” Harold exclaimed, throwing forward his arms, attempting to calm the leader. Realizing his attempts were in vain, and acting very bold indeed, Harold lunged his thick, oily fingers onto the boats navigational wheel, pushed a couple of levers, sprinkled some buttons, and, miraculously, landed The Grit ashore, with a nice compliment of roaring steel and the heavy thump of thousands of pounds of Gondwanan sediment.
Harold was dazed.

Vanderbuilt stood up, having fallen during the crash, and gazed around. The sanity trickled back into his retinas, producing an awesome array of color and understanding. “Did you just land me boat?”
Harold stood there, startled.
“Ya did, didn’t you?”

Being completely the opposite of what Harold had expected, Vanderbuilt hugged the lower man furiously, and Harold was, once again, dazed. Once the hug was finished, the captain said to the other, “I knew you could do it, Harry.”

Harold, even after the incident, had no idea of what the man meant by that.

Having fulfilled the landing on the coast, and after Harold ran down the ship to comfort the passengers onboard, Vanderbuilt contacted the Vekaiyun fleet.
— Begin quote from ____

-Heavy Static-
-Static Clears After a Few Seconds-
“Greetings, Namilovi,” the man said with a deep Mexregionan accent, “I am Captain Franklin Vanderbuilt of the USM. As far as I know, Asendavia and their fleet, along with my vessel, are here on peaceful terms to establish settlement. I wish prosperity between our two parties, and do not want or need conflict. I would like to know of your reason of presence, if you don’t mind, however.”

— End quote

“Sir, it would suck if this went sour,” a deckhand murmured.

“Yeah, I know.”

Magnar was in the bridge when the message blared. “Who are they and what are they saying?” the captain said, surprised by the new fleet.

“They are a Vekaiyun trade convoy by the looks of it. What they are doing here, I have no idea. On accounts of what they are saying, the first transmission was in their own language. The second time it was in Codexian though. So if you don’t mind I’ll communicate with them,” Magnar replied as he took the communicator.

“Uhh… Yes my lord.” The captain muttered as he lowered his eyes.

— Begin quote from ____

-Light Static-
-Static starts to clear up-
“Welcome,” the man said with an obvious Asendavian accent. "I am Magnar Zharkov, son of the Duke of Yoria. I will represent the Asendavian fleet here. First, what is a Vekaiyun trade convoy doing in northwest Gondwana? Second, WE, my fleet and that Mexregionan ship you see, are here in order to establish a colony. I wish no conflict between our two parties. I will patiently wait for your response.

— End quote

Magnar stepped back from the communicator. “I hope this goes well,” he muttered in Asendavian.

Stoika Commodore Viktor Namilovi responded to the transmissions as they filtered in.

“We are traveling under route path 22 and are en route to Isklevyu,” the Commodore barked. The hull of the V.S.K. Revesnire continued to crash among the choppy waves sparsely populated with ice. “I assume as you have identified my name you will know that route and its trajectory. We are approaching the main strait and require the straight to be completely clear for our convoy to pass through.”

He began the slight turn, which caused the convoy behind his craft to follow in tow with the typical Vekaiyun multiship turn tactic. Another response came over the radiowaves.

“We are following route path 22 and will be passing through the main strait - we refer to this strait as Ulivinosk but that label is most likely meaningless to those unfamiliar with the route path. The Vekaiyun navy accepts your desire for peaceful measures and anticipates full cooperation from both parties. As soon as we pass, we will hold no further business here.”

“Sir, I think we can let them pass.”

“I know we can, but the question is will we?”

The two men looked at each other. Vanderbuilt said, “I think peace in this scenario would be much better for the both of us, but I don’t know what the Asendavians think. I hope they’ll let them through. After all, we’re kind of their cargo at the moment.”

“Then with all due respect, sir, why don’t you tell 'em? Don’t we have a say in this at all?”

“Why don’t you beg 'em, Skippy? I mean, you landed the boat, so I think you can take care of the communications, too.”

Harold transmitted their request, however unprofessional he sounded in his Codexian.

((For further reference, a great chunk of Mexregionans can actually understand Unionian, as explained in the Language Area on the USM’s NSwiki Page. Not all of them, though.))


Stoika Commodore Viktor Namilovi waved off a petty officer while suppressing a sigh. “We are a convoy of some 27 ships. We are already committed to this route as this is a common Vekayuin trade route. If we cannot secure safe passage, we will be forced to open fire. It’s that simple. Our logistics really does not allow an alternative route.”

He continued to guide the ship to its proper destination, while at the same time scoping out any potential targets.

“Submarines have spotted several conflicts in the sector, sir.”

He rolled his eyes. “Give them more time. Premier Levinile will have my rear on a platter if we open fire unprovoked. Wait until they are completely in-range. Then we will have enough justification.”

OOC: Sorry for a little bit of a late response, I’ve been doing other things. Also for further reference, Asendavians (and Gliat Sheans for that matter) only understand Asendavian (and Gliat Shean. Only nobles and very important people really know any other languages, like Codexian. I will most likely add this info to my NS wiki page in the future.

“What did the transmission say?” the captain asked as it came through.

“Basically, they’re asking us to let the Vekaiyuns through peacefully,” Magnar replied as he looked towards the Mexregionan ship.

“Isn’t it somewhat obvious we would let them through peacefully, as to not start another war? Even with their explanation of it being a trade route, why go anywhere close to Gondwana?”

“I have no idea captain. Might as well tell them that we’re letting them through. No one wants another war,” Magnar replied as he switched to his best Codexian and transmitted his message to the USM ship and the Vekaiyun trade convoy.

OOC: I’m officially scrapping this in favor of a new RP which will take place in the lands directly west of Asendavia, which will be expanded to after Val suggested it to me instead of having an overseas colony in Gondwana. The new RP will be posted probably within the next hour, unless I’m busy which then it will be posted tomorrow.