Factbook of the Maynilan Federal Republic



60% of the population speaks filipino, 30% speaks english, 10% speaks spanish and the rest speak other regional linguistic groups.

Knowledge of foreign languages

most of the population is fluent in English, Arabic, and Korean.



Decimal point is period

Definition of a Billion

comes after a million

System of measurment


How date is written and important dates

6/12/1822 - Independence day / Araw ng Kalayaan
12/25 - Christmas Day
12/24 - Christmas eve
1/1 - New years eve


Variety of races / Attitudes about race and foreigners

the poplulation is a mix of Asian-White-Latino races, towards other races and foreigners they dont really treat them differently just as they would to others.

You make jokes about…

basically anything… situational comedy and puns


Political Parties

the ruling party of Maynila is the Maynilan Nationalist Party ( Socialist ) is the sole party of Maynila and the only party of the Maynilan government.

Attitude towards Socialism and Communism

Maynila is a Socialist Nation… we make schools teach the communist manifesto.

Does the Government listen to you
if its against the government then NO! If its something relating to a certain issue and u have a suggestion that still follows the virtues of the Nationalist party then…I dunno maybe

Can problems be solved


if a politician cheats on his wife

he might get a divorce. EEEEEYYYYYYY

Military Involvment in Government

the military decides if they need new equipment, they help in the decision if the declaration of martial law both nationwide and in a certain region should be in effect, administer the region under martial law and aid the police force.

Freedom of speech, patriotism, royalty, changing names, misc.

Freedom of speech is allowed but if its against the government and the party you will be arrested secretly, media is controlled the the government but the internet is still somehwat free, parriotism is encouraged, if you dont sing the anthem with enough pride and respect the flag you will be arrested or fined, maybe both if its a sunny day. royalty…this is a republic m8, loyalty is gud enough. changing names is a meh, you do you bud.


Utilities & companies: Public or private

major manufacturing industries like Auto manufacturing, Ship building, Aerospace, etc. are state owned but others like food, telecom, transport, etc are privateley owned (by members of the nationalist party and government officials)

Inflation and unemployment

Unemployment is low at around 0.5% and inflation usually sits at 8%


all of Maynila enjoy a high tax rate of 45%

Variety of items for sale,Haggling

SO MUCH VARIETY, CULTURE IS SO MANY, MUCH AWESOME STUFF FOR SALE! modern stuff everywere ( ( regulated by the government of cource :slight_smile: )

Credit cards

to prevent outstanding debt and for convience and ease credit cards were banned last year and a law was passed saying banks can issue DEBIT CARDS since in a transaction debit cards get the payment straight from the buyers savings account.


not regulated by the governmet, you’re free to do anything in your will


Attitudes toward social security, welfare programs, unemployment payments, medical assistance, charitable aid

Social Security is very important to Maynilan society, but you need to be employed for atleast 2 years in order to be eligable for it. Welfare programs in Maynila benifit all people who face poverty, unemployment, etc its usually to support them until they can get angood payin job. Unemplayment payments… WTF IS DAT, like does the employer pay the guy before he fires him or somethin??? no. Medical Assistance, health care is good just get social security. charitable aid, taxed 1% to the government, needs to be registered to the department of Commerence, otherwise its a meh.


Knowlege of world capitals and leaders

not that much

Attitudes towards other nations in the East Pacific

they alright

Has your country ever been counquered



Usually chooses to stay neutral and avoid declaring a war altogether with the use of diplomatic means, if an enemy however invades or sabotages Maynila or her allies (if needed), a war of brutality and blood will be declared swiftly and painfully.


Court system and law suites

Making lawsuits was not a common thing before the revolution and it stayed that way. If you are in the middle or upper class and not a member of the party, don’t expect a decision in you favour. In cases against the “enemies of the people”, the whole process is just an excuse.


Illegal, if found guilty he/she will be jailed for 16 years

Police and Gun Ownership

Only the police and military can own a firearm, citizens can only get airsoft guns.

Dangerous Places

costal areas are very vaunerable to thypoons and floodings, otherwise the rest of Maynila is very sfe in terms of crime




History you learned

students know the history of Maynila very well and even world history

Cost of school

Free, education is for all!


4-6 years long


Are you a farmer

Most of Maynila’s northern area is very fertile land so mostly in that area

Can you be fired


Labor day

Labor Day is on the 1st of May.

Appointments, punctuality, negotiating

You must be atleast 15 minuits early to give a good impression to others


Which side of the road / traffic lights / pedestrian safety

You drive on the right side. You stop at the red right no matter what, and the pedestrians can safely cross the road.


regulaed by the government, very good

Quality of public transportation, trains, buses, planes



First names and forms of address**

generally its just respectful to use the simple Sir or Mam when talking to elders. first names can be used with conversations with freinds or an informal conversation

**Arranged marraiges and marraige customs

Arranged marriges are illegal, Divorce not allowed. just normal typical wedding with bride, groom and stuff

Importance of Family background and social status

FAMILY IS VERY IMPORTANT, life cannot be complete without family in Maynila. Social status is not that important however, its just a label, wont affect anything in life.

Preferences of Physical appearance

good health, to thin too fat not so good

Sexuality and attitudes towards homosexuality

private affairs. neutral towards homosexuality

Relations with family, visiting, etc
atleast visit your grand parents once in a while! like on the holidays or something


Things inside house

TV, telephone, wifi, radio, and other house stuff.


bathroom stuff


tropical, snow never happens, typoons happen frequently, very sunny and awesome!.


Biggest meal of the day\b]


**what you won’t eat (and odd things if you will)

animals considered as pets. you dont eat the horse you ride. LIVER IS BANNED

fastfood and restaurants