"Fairness" in TEP

Due to recent concern on our forums, I would like to address the issue of “fairness” since the overheard statement “it’s not fair” seems to be predominately be thrown around here in light of recently barred citizenships.

From an administrative standpoint, fairness in our definition is the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. To elaborate on that definition in context of TEP’s administrative role, it is ensuring that the forums remain a friendly nonchaotic environment for the bulk of our community.

We as admins are here to protect the integrity of these forums and provide a clean age appropriate setting the majority of our members. Admins are not here to ensure to the “fairness” and the “rights” of citizens, that is the job of TEP’s elected government. Admins keep these boards clean and when an admin makes an adminsitrative decision, regardless of how “unfair” or against the Concordat you may think it is, it is related to forum maintenance and not the government and should be respected in regards to our separate role in TEP.

There is no freedom of speech in TEP administration when you spum our boards. If you are warned by an administrator, any administrator, to quit spumming and proceed to spum, you will face an administrative action unrelated to the government rulings. Unfortunately for the accused spummer, these administrative warnings will also be used as evidence should the government decide to take governmental action. Fairness, freedom of speech, and rights do not exist when violating our forum rules. There is a divide between administration and the government and while one protects your rights as a citizen of TEP, when you a citizen, the other protects the integrity of our forums independent of the government.

As such, administrative actions taken and logged shall be discussed between the administrative staff. The government does not vote on administrative decisions. The government can vote on citizens and decide if they feel the administrative staff needs to intervene on an issue they have not, but when it comes to maintaining our boards, the administrative staff does not need permission to lock or remove any thread they deem as being unproductive and spumming, especially if a warning had already been granted. Your governmental freedom of speech pertains to expressing your opinions as a citizen, not trolling and spumming TEP’s forums.

Let me remind those that need the reminder, TEP’s administrative staff had been voted into place by its administrative team and given the positions because they were entrusted with their decision making processes. I hate to say this but one individual’s contempt for a player is not enough to change the entire system. We have multiple checks and balances in place now thank you to an extensive campaign to ensure they were in place. While the system is not yet perfect, our admin team works to keep itself in balance and ensure that we are held accountable for the decisions we make.

With that said, there will be no further discussion of “unfairness” as it pertains to “freedom of speech” when a member is violating our forums rules. If an administrator thinks you are violating the rules, you will be warned. If you fail to adhere to a warning, the administrative staff has been granted the authority to take the action they see fit. If you do not like this process, do not break the rules. After all, you agreed to these rules and the administrations authority to make those decisions when you created an account here in TEP.

As always, we strive to be a friendly environment to the greatest amount of people and allowing trolling on our forums only deters others from participating. Trolling will not be tolerated, neither shall extensive whining, flaming, or baiting.

Those that continue to break the forum rules and their warnings will face the collective arms of the Packlivanian Reich! That or we will just sick Bluto on you. :lol:


Note: http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/The_East_Pacific/index.php?act=boardrules for those who may have missed them, as found at the top of our page. Same as they always were. No excuse for not reading them. :stuck_out_tongue: