Feb. Update

Greetings, I know it’s been a while since our last update. We are hopeful for that to change however, in the mean time lets get things current.


Delegate: Whamabama (Collector of Souls)


Foreign Affairs: Evil Wolf
Internal Affairs: Jeux II
Media: Simon Cowell of the RR
Culture: Tim-Opolis


written by Simon Cowell

It was with great relief today that our recently elected Delegate, Wham, finally replaced Guy as World Assembly Delegate for the Rejected Realms.
In what has been a most tumultuous month, Guy was elected Delegate, went inactive for several days, and promptly resigned from the post. His reasons are as yet unspecified. Presumably to become a Game Moderator. As this tragedy has not yet occurred, speculating as to Guy’s reasons for leaving is better left to the pages of our local tabloid scum. Before that particular intellectual analysis and speculation commences, please welcome our new Delegate in hopes that he will provide our region with great leadership in his coming term.
It is also your duty, if you are a member of the World Assembly, to endorse Collector of Souls, Wham’s nation, to insure that he has a chance to lead. Or fail.

Also noteworthy TRR was raided by TNI last major update. TNI with support from many other groups had raided Belgium with 90+ endorsements on their lead. The a few hours before update the raider delegate began ejecting the raiders to The Rejected Realms, as well as moving himself. With The Rejected Realms just coming off a delegate transfer, endorsement levels were lower than normal, and for a simple raid, the raiders had a massive amount of endorsements. Course this isn’t the first time in TRR history that this has happened. It has happened at least 3 times before. It has also been the only way TRR has been taken since 2004 when the Atlantic Alliance, and Mr. Nonchalant did it. Of course nobody has ever taken it for any period of time.

The delegate Whamabama would like to thank all those who came in aid of The Rejected Realms, including Balder, Lazarus, The Pacific, FRA UDL, TITO, Equilism, and any others I maybe forgetting, or even unaware of. I also believe this shows the strength of our community, and we as a region will grow stronger.