February Update

February 2012


"The recent military invasion by userite forces into the Rejected Realms is a matter of gravest concern to The Pacific and offends the fundamental Francoist principles by which The Pacific conducts itself. The Pacific does not tolerate userite meddling in any Feeder or Sinker region. Whilst we do not condone the policy of the Rejected Realms to compromise its own feederite standing, through its participation in the userite Founderless Regions Alliance, the invasion and taking of the Delegacy of the Rejected Realms by userite forces is intolerable to The Pacific. We wish to make it clear to The New Inquisition, and any other region, that such a flagrant attack on a Feederite region will be opposed by The Pacific in the strongest possible terms. As such The Pacific has ordered all diplomats from The New Inquisition to leave our region within 24 hours and has closed the The New Inquisition Embassy in The Pacific with immediate effect.”


The Pacifican Army has opened the doors of Fort Franco to new recruits once more and the recruiting offices in Francograd have already seen queues outside the doors. The decision was made to increase the annual recruiting and training budget of the Army by the Delegate after Pacifican army units deployed to The Rejected Realms in support of the native feederite Delegate, highlighting the importance of maintaining an army to protect The Pacific and feederite interests.


The Peoples Puppet continues with the People having recently voted on the issue of “Put The “Board” Back In Board Of Education”. A majority vote decided that the nation of Pacifican Spirit would enact option 3, “Corporal punishment would only treat a symptom of the bigger problem: our education system is in need of an overhaul,” says Bill Christmas, Pacifican Spirit’s education minister. “We need smaller class sizes, more teachers, better buildings, and better pay. It’ll cost, but it’ll pay off in the long run.”

The Peoples Puppet nation can be found NationStates | Not Found.


The Pacific has voted in favour of the repeal of “Medical Blockade Restriction” and also voted in favour of the resolution “A Decriminalization of Suicide”.


Spam is as bountiful as ever in The Pacific, especially with the recent startup of the Spam Points game which promises to separate the real spammers from the pretenders. The Halls have also seen Pacificans showing that most of them have appalling taste in music too.

The Pacific
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