Fini voi curia

(OOC: I’ve been meaning to start this story for a while. It takes place in my country Reviati. But skips locations a lot. The basic premise is that the character goes through many “Dream-Worlds” which are literally what they sound: Worlds of people’s dreams. Whenever one ends, he is thrust into another. I’d explain the reasoning behind this, but it would spoil the entire plot.

Because these are dream worlds, each person who joins in this RP has the ability to create their own world. And also because it’s a dream, everything becomes possible. You can do anything. Leading to multiple adventures. The main character’s name is Gyra. He is a soldier for Chi City Militia. He is the only one (for now) who will travel between dreams. Although users are encouraged to return to the thread multiple times for new dreams as this gives you more opportunity to make new characters. Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers!)

Gyra had worked all of his life training in Revian martial arts so that one day he might join the militia of Chi City. That day has come and gone, and Gyra woke up in his tent in the forest ready for the recon mission of the day. They had been briefed the night before.

A cargo ship had ceased communication with the city and has since been anchored in the middle of the ocean. There has been no trace of movement since. Gyra and a small group of three other men would board a small boat to investigate.

They shipped out at dawn and slid along the water lightly in silence. Gyra looked around the water, the fog was still, hovering above the ground.

“Ew indisnei curia, qei.” Were the orders from the captain.

Got it. Quiet on boarding the ship. Simple enough. They weren’t expecting anything odd.

Gyra was last to board the ship. It was dark, almost dusk-like; the fog kept the sunlight from the sunrise away. Gyra walked down the sides, listening to the sound of the waves against the hull. He gripped his sword a little tighter with the unease of the silence.

Gyra walked around the back and peered over the side. The engines seemed to be in tact. There were no signs of damage or of struggle anywhere on the ship. Which made the disappearance even more odd. He eventually worked his way down to the inners of the ship. Random lights were on as if they were occupied before the crew suddenly disappeared.

Gyra thought he heard a noise coming from the captain’s room down the end of the hall. He walked down slowly and gently pushed the door open with his sword. An odd glow was behind the door. Gyra pushed it open fully and the last thing he saw was a small girl dressed in Eastern style outfits, glowing a radioactive bright green. She was at the end of the room and then in his face in less than a second. Suddenly consciousness was gone.

When Gyra woke up he was in a world he has never seen before. Something outside reality. It was…