Forbidden love - Losc cacrayurat

Cayoo, Federal District of Cayoo
Cacustal Borough
02:05 pm

Two teenagers were hanging out, sitting on a low wall, chatting of diverse topics. Behind them cars and bicycle monotonously passing by on the street, while workers were doing their usual routine by taking the subway station entrance located just next to them. In a neighborhood completely buit during the 60’s, as a harmony of steel and concrete, but mostly concrete, and populated by middle class citizens. Themselves were the embodiment of the modern ayaupian youth, suited in a fresh and cool fashion, laced up with local sneakers, holding braces at their fist and inked with slight tatoos, dressed with hoodies under jackets and broad airy pants. One boy and one girl, one checking the latest trends on his phone while talking, one playing with her hairs, trying to remake a bun in a better way. The boy was named Nucroval, the girl was named Vaasmotaa.

As they were discussing about simple and random topics, that one of their friends was really ridiculous because he fell miserably while playing soccer, or that she bought a very beautiful dress she is eager to use, they came to a turning point. It was the initial goal of their meeting, the reason they decided to go there, reason none of them dared to speak up in their conversation. Each of them were too shy, too afraid of messing it up. A sudden silent replaced their talk. Both were looking at the ground, quietly hoping the other would make the first step.

“Um, so, um, you know, we already talked about that, but… I really like you. You’re nice, cute, smart, you really pay attention to me…” she said, as she speaked first.

  • Oh, well, um, answered the boy nervously, same for me. I think I have feelings towards you, I’ve never felt something like that before.

  • So, you… and I… could get along together?

  • I’ve been thinking about going out tonight. I didn’t know if you were ok with it…

  • Oh yeah, I agree, that would be nice.

Both started to flush a little, as things were getting serious.

“But… um… there’s a problem, continued Vaasmotaa.”

  • What’s the matter? he asked.

  • Well, I’ve never been able to bring this on the table before, but… you see… I’m an elf and you’re a human. I’m a palayonian and you’re an asconian. Like, I really like you, but, I think our parents wouldn’t appreciate our relationship. If they knew…

Nucroval wasn’t surprised, but at the same time he wanted their love (to come) not to be restricted by some old principles.

“But we shouldn’t care about that. We have the right to be close together and nobody will ever be rightful to stop us from doing things…”

  • I mean, it’s not only my parents, there’s also our friends, our family, a lot of other people… It is not really accepted for an elf to have feelings towards a human, or even a feline… I’ve already heard rumors about us, and I can guarantee you some of them weren’t kind on the matter.

  • Yeah, sure! But why wouldn’t we be together? What will happen to us, we’re just enjoying life! You’re such a nice person, why would anyone stop me? I’m doing nothing wrong.

  • Listen, I really want to go out with you, but… I think we should keep it secret. Don’t get it wrong, I don’t want to stop everything, I’m just saying we should be careful.

The boy started to feel frustrated. This girl didn’t want to go any further, and it didn’t seem like anything would go forward.

  • Damn, are you going to hide just because of some stupid old rules? People need to evolve, there’s nothing wrong for an elf and a human to have a relationship. Seriously, be brave, instead of fleeing the risks!

  • So you’re blaming me because I’m not sure and I just want to go slowly but surely? Really? she said on pinched tone, almost like she got offended.

  • No, I mean… I didn’t want to blame you, I just wanted to…

  • Yeah, sure. I didn’t come here to get reproaches and to hear I’m a coward. Try to think about what you say next time.

Therefore she ended up the chat and left the boy alone. Nucroval quickly felt guilty, thus he would stay, silent, sitting on the same small wall, remorseful.