Forced Marriages Ban Act

Forced Marriages Ban Act

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Christian Democrats

Description: The General Assembly,

Realizing the importance of marriage in many societies,

Respecting the various cultural and religious customs surrounding marriage,

Recognizing that many, if not most, marriages are intended to be lifelong unions,

Believing therefore that no person should be coerced to marry,

  1. Defines forced marriage, for the purposes of this resolution, as the contractual or covenantal union of persons without the informed consent of every person being joined or a similar nonconsensual or coerced union of persons;

  2. Prohibits forced marriage;

  3. Forbids member states and their political subdivisions from enforcing or providing legal recognition to forced marriages performed in other countries;

  4. Requires each member state to offer to annul all forced marriages of people in its jurisdiction; and

  5. Recommends that member states establish special law enforcement divisions to investigate claims of forced marriage and communities that supposedly countenance such unions.

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barely FOR

EDIT: you know what?, ignore me, I’ll abstain.

I’m actually against this. It may impinge on the rights of certain cultures / religions shrugs

In a post-Chenite Bai Lung, the citizens of my country are under no obligation to be forced into marriages, and therefore any forced marriage is frowned upon.

In fact, the President Im government has successfully passed an act of law which would prevent any marriages through coercion. Although it was not mentioned in my BLCTV News article, it was passed overwhelmingly in both chambers of the assembly with crossover support. The Marxist party in both house and senate voted against it, stating a ban on forced marriages is an assault on stability. Forced marriages are common under the Chenite era.

Under the Respect For Marriage Act 2010, it is illegal to force someone to marry against his/her will. The offender will face up to 10 years in prison and/or a BL$200,000 fine.

Even ultra-conservative politician Stephen T. Ding spoke against force marriages, linking that idea to that of the brutal Stalinist regime which ruined the nation for the next 4 decades.


Against. I’m with Todd. In some cultures and religions, arranged marriages are acceptable. It seems like this act is forcing those cultures and religions to give up a key piece of their beliefs.

“Forced Marriages Ban Act” was passed 8,695 votes to 2,363.