Foreign Affairs Office of INTRA

Foreign Affairs Office of the Inter-Novaran Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance

“Security and Peace in Our Time.” -INTRA Motto

Welcome to the Foreign Affairs Office of INTRA, an intergovernmental military alliance created to maintain security and facilitate economic and military cooperation between signatories. Our goal is to maintain peace worldwide and clear the way for further international cooperation.

INTRA applicants may select any of the following levels of membership as long as they meet the stated requirements. Decisions will be made by vote from the Strategic Council (Volscina, Antora, Sarvimaa, Mirhaime, with the standing Commander-General holding the tiebreaker vote).

• Full Membership: Members receive a voting seat on the Strategic Council, as well as full inclusion in the programs for mutual defense, economic cooperation, military cooperation, and sharing of technology for both civil and military purposes. Only eligible to nations on the continent of Novaris.
• Associate OR Partner Status: Associates receive a non-voting seat on the Strategic Council, as well as limited access to the programs for economic and military cooperation. However, associates may choose to fully opt in to the programs for mutual defense, economic and military cooperation, and sharing of technology. If a nation of associate status opts in to all four programs, they are automatically elevated to partner status, which grants them a full voting seat on the Strategic Council. Eligible to all nations.
• Observer Status: Observers are granted a non-voting seat on the Strategic Council, and may apply for economic cooperation and purchases of military equipment not available to non-observers.

Current Signatories:

Empire of Volscina (Founding Member)
Crowned Republic of Antora (Founding Member)
Sarvian Federative Socialist Workers’ Republic (Founding Member)
The Mirhaime Federation (Founding Member)

Cittadella del Sole, Mazarona, Volscina. INTRA Headquarters.


To whom this may concern:

The Kingdom of Tretrid has been made aware of the recent creation of INTRA, and specifically notes its goals of inter-alliance cooperation and the maintenance of peace within Novaris. These aims are of course highly welcome the oft tense atmosphere of Novaris, and we sincerely hope that you will be able to remain true to these goals.

While at this time it is politically unfeasible for Tretrid to consider membership or association status within INTRA, we believe that it would be mutually beneficial in the long term for Tretrid to apply for observership. This, hopefully, may be the basis of future cooperation and cordial relations between your alliance and Tretrid.

We look forward to your response.

ᛖᚩᚠᚩᚱᚹᛁᚾᛖ ᚫᚦᛖᛚᛋᛏᚪᚾᛋᚩᚾ
Eoforwine Æthelstanson
Prime Minister
Kingdom of Tretrid


To whom this may concern:

On April 24, 2022, the Government of the Kingdom of Tretrid sent a diplomatic communique to your organization officially applying for observer status in INTRA. Despite various diplomatic queries made by the Kingdom of Tretrid over the last several months, your organization has thus far not responded regarding the status of the application or even acknowledging receipt of the application.

We would like to express our deep concern at this general lack of responsiveness on the part of your alliance and suspect that the silence has been due either to a major clerical error or an intentional policy carried out towards Tretrid. Whether the causes, we believe that INTRA’s silence does not reflect particularly well on its ability to carry out its stated goals of facilitating international peace and cooperation. We sincerely hope to be incorrect with this impression, and that, despite this, a framework for cooperation between Tretrid and INTRA on shared interests could be established.

We also would greatly appreciate an update on the status of the application as well as an explanation for the delays, along with assurances that such issues will not happen in the future.

ᛋᚫᚹᛁᚾᛖ ᚹᛖᚪᛚᛞᛗᚢᚾᛞᛋᚩᚾ
Sæwine Wealdmundson
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Kingdom of Tretrid

Dear member states of INTRA,

The Great Imperial Confederation of Taiyō has long been isolated in the Eye of Novaris. This isolation has lead to many hardships that have weakened the great state. As an attempt to strengthen our great nation, Taiyō would like to apply for full membership into INTRA. We believe that this will not only benefit our nation, but that it will also benefit all other nations in the Treaty. We hope that you give this application thought and accept us into your honorable organization.

We hope to receive a response soon.

In solidarity,
Ymena Shufen
Chief of Taiyō