Foreign Affairs Office of the Tolinsk Accords


We are a military defensive alliance amongst Western Novari Nations, created as a response to the Irnac War. Our mission statement is to see all nations in good standing in our region to stand together on the world stage through military cooperation.

Here you may apply for:

  • Membership (Only applicable to nations in Western Novaris)
  • Observer Status
  • Exchange of Diplomatic Representitives with other military and economic groups across Urth

Current Member States:

Miner’s Republic of Durakia
Secular Republic of Meagharia
The Confederated Provinces and Territories of Aponivia
Kingdom of Tretrid

The Kingdom of Tavaris
Ministry of External Affairs

To: Foreign Affairs Office, Tolinsk Accords


In the name and on the behalf of His Majesty King Zaram V, I am writing today to apply for membership in the Tolinsk Accords. The Kingdom of Tavaris has been very pleased to have, in the past several months, productive discussions with our neighbors in western Novaris. We have negotiated a defense agreement with Aponivia, and more recently, the Kanor Accords between Tavaris and Meagharia that have normalized relations between our countries and established significant cooperation on matters of international law.

With tensions in West Novaris being what they are, we believe that establishing further international cooperation in the region is to the advantage of everyone. While the matter of our coordinating the defense of Aponivia is certainly relevant in the context of this defensive agreement, we are especially interested in establishing further rapport and interaction with all members of the Accords. This is a priority for me personally as Minister of External Affairs, and I can say with certainty that it is a priority of our Prime Minister and the rest of the Cabinet as well. It is our hope that, through membership in the Tolinsk Accords, we can all mutually benefit not only from increased defensive and military coordination but benefit through cooperation and dialogue in peaceful arenas as well.

Cognizant of our status in the League of Novaris, I want to assure you that the Kingdom of Tavaris seeks only a role within the Accords that you, the member-states, find appropriate - whether that be a full member or an observer state. While we feel that full membership would present the best opportunity for Tavari defensive integration with the Accords, it is of course your prerogative to determine what our relationship will look like - or even that now is not the right time to move forward at all.

I look forward to your response and hope that this is only the very beginning of a long, productive relationship between our countries.

Most sincerely,

Endra Tivriš Žovradai
Minister of External Affairs
Kingdom of Tavaris

cc: Žarís Nevran Alandar, Prime Minister
HRH Otan Nuvo Šolosar, LN Ambassador

To Minister Endra Tivriš Žovradai,

The Accords thanks you for your correspondence and is glad to hear of the Kingdom of Tavaris’ intention to join. After deliberation from representatives of the member states, I would like to inform you that the Application of the Kingdom of Tavaris has been accepted by the Military Cooperation Council. Through discussion, the decision has been made that, unlike the relationship Tavaris has with the League of Novaris, the Tolinsk Accords find it amicable to support the notion of full Tavari membership, with the security of Tavari territories in the reason - topics that came up in the recent Kanor Accords agreement - being a notable justification for such. Should the Kingdom of Tavaris be willing to take on the defensive responsibilities of a Member State in the Tolinsk Accords, they are welcome to become a member in the alliance.

May this be a step forward towards cooperation, peace and security within the region we all share.

Gen. Loreli Kirov
Chief of the Miners’ Revolutionary Army
Acting Foreign Affairs Representative of the Tolinsk Accords

Bundesrepublik Schleschreich
Schleschen Auswärtiges Amt


Over the past months the Federal Republic of Schlesia has worked closely with the members of the Tolinsk Accords, but we cannot yet count ourselves among these noble nations. At first, this was an issue caused by conflict with Arkalarius and what is now Ostarkeland, not to mention the fact that our fair nation was still newly made, and did not have broad international recognition. Now, however, these are behind us. Karolingia is under occupation. Schlesia is not only recognized by the League of Novaris, but has claimed full membership.

Due to these important political modifiers changing, we hope Schlesia can count on its friends and allies once more as we formally request to join the Tolinsk Accords as a member nation. Our special diplomat can easily be made an official representative should our application be accepted.

To future cooperation,

Erika Voss,
Bundesminister des Auswärtigen,
Schleschen Auswärtiges Amt,
Bundesrepublik Schleschreich

To Bundesminister Erika Voss,

Thank you for getting in touch, On behalf of the Tolinsk Accords and the Military Cooperation Council I am pleased to notify you that the Federal Republic of Schleasia has been accepted as a full member of the Tolinsk Accords, following the previous cooperation between it and our member states. Rest assured the Tolinsk Accords is well aware of the precarious situation that has unfortunately fell upon your region, and it is our promise as an organization that our member states shall fulfil their duties should the Federal Republic come into the dire situation it may require it. This, of course, comes with the understanding that such a promise is mutual, however unlikely such an event may be.

May this be a step forward towards cooperation, peace and security within the region we all share.

Gen. Loreli Kirov
Chief of the Miners’ Revolutionary Army
Acting Foreign Affairs Representative of the Tolinsk Accords


On behalf of the United States of Mexregiona, I am pleased to submit this application to join the Tolinsk Accords. Our country, though relatively small in population, has a history of military cooperation with countries such as the Kingdom of Tretrid. As a founding member of the League of Novaris, we also have a history of political cooperation with every current member of the Accords, from Durakia to Tavaris. That said, Mexregiona is cognizant of increasing security threats in the region of Novaris, and we seek to better ensure our own security in a way that can also contribute to bettering the security of the region as a whole.

I wish to note that, in recognition of the Accords’ primary definition as a defensive agreement for West Novaris, a region in which our country has not necessarily been historically included, the United States would be happy to accept observer status if the members decide this would be more appropriate than full membership.

Most Sincerely,

Janos Beartrot
Scrivener of State
United States of Mexregiona