Formation of Community and Forum Teams

Greeting TEP!

We have some great changes coming your way! And some of those changes will happen over the next few days. We are going to do a restructure of how TEP’s administration and moderation operates between what will be known as the Community and Forum Team. I’m going to start with the Forum Team is part of those changes that will happen over the next few days.

The Forum Team is pretty self-explanatory as it will only encompass our forum. This area is going to see the most changes as its structure is already in place and is being completely restructured.

[mention]East Malaysia[/mention] and [mention]McStooley[/mention] will take roles are Primary Administrators. Their task will continue as-is with no changes in their day-to-day tasks.

[mention]Dylan[/mention] will continue his role as Roleplay Administrator. [mention]Acronis[/mention] will continue to be Roleplay Moderator and [mention]Tuva[/mention] will continue as Cartographer Moderator.

The current Global Moderator role will be split into a new Global Moderator and Users & Groups Admin. [mention]Marrabuk[/mention] will continue as Global Moderator but will have a reduction of Users & Groups related tasks in the ACP. [mention]A mean old man[/mention] will take on the Users & Groups Admin role that will deal with new user verification, users and groups management, but will have no access to Forums related task in the ACP. Both roles will be able to help with front-end tasks.

We will be adding two Senior Moderators [mention]Sammy23[/mention] and [mention]vw53a[/mention] then we will also be adding three Junior Moderators [mention]SirShadow[/mention] [mention]Virgolia[/mention] and [mention]Zukchiva[/mention] that will help with day-to-day forum requests.

[mention]Bachtendekuppen[/mention] [mention]hobbes[/mention] and [mention]Todd McCloud[/mention] will take on a Reserve Administrator role due to in-real-life obligations that are taking some of their time. We want to make sure they focus on what they need to right now but can be moved into a Primary Administrator role at time when they are ready.

[mention]Infinite Loop[/mention] and [mention]packilvania[/mention] will be moved to Honored Administrator roles as they have dedicated many years to The East Pacific Admin Team and will continue to do so in a retired role.

Why are we making this change? We will be removing all forum moderative actions for non-forum staff due to access forum modlogs that is a change in how Tapatalk operates access to that based on moderative action access. As a team we put user privacy first and a restriction of access is what feels like the right thing to do. We also feel that adding more people to the team will help with task by making it a more even workload.

Next The Community Team will be a team that we have forum sections:

Community Administration led by East Malaysia and McStooley

  • Discord Server Management

  • Backend Technical (domains, hosing)

  • Accounts (Twitter, Zoho Desk, Community Roleplay + Community KB related sites)

Community Moderation led by Community Administration

  • Discord Mods, Staff – varies by server

Community Roleplay

  • TEPwiki Team: Wiki Admin which currently is [mention]asmo[/mention] and will continue to be, Wiki Mods, WIki Pros (experts that can help anyone)

  • AncestryUrth Team

  • RMB Team

Community KB

  • Forum/Discord/Bot Commands Pros (experts that can help anyone that needs it)

  • GitHub/Coders

  • TEPkb

Roles in Community Roleplay and Community KB will be open for anyone who is interested to apply with the exception of TEPwiki Team.

That’s about all of it!

Thank you for your time!

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