Fortuna Ban Reversal

Fortuna’s ban has been reversed. Currently The East Pacific Administration Team has been actively been re-investigating the bans of Drachen, Fortuna, Succ and Yuno after certain information reached us.

Unfortunately this process has taken a lot longer than we initially anticipated and have brought in third parties to help review the evidence we have gathered to help speed up this process for a final decision on the bans that were issued.

During the course of our re-investigation we have found no evidence that links, mentions or has Fortuna anywhere. The team had hoped to have everything settled at once but at this time Fortuna is the only person included in this revised ban, which is a reversal of his ban, and the admin team would like to apologize to Fortuna for the troubles he’s been put through and hope he decides to rejoin us.

Thank you for your time,

TEP Admin Team