Fortunate News

Fortunate News

Good evening everyone, this is Fortunate News. Today’s story takes us to the docks of Terine where the commissioning ceremony for the aircraft carrier Cecilia, the new flagship of the Fortunan Navy, took place. Chambermen, high military officials, hundreds of onlookers, and even the High Commander himself were present for this glorious occasion. The ceremony included speeches from the High Commander and military officials, the presentation of the officers for the ship, and a final blessing by the Head Claritist Bishop followed by cheers of excitement from the crowd.

What makes the Cecilia special is because it is the first aircraft carrier built after the High Commander came into power. Designed by the Fortunan Science and Engineering Department (FSED) and built in the famous Terine docks, this new aircraft carrier stands for the nation’s integrity, innovation, and pride. Rachel Ettori, head of the FSED, commented to Fortunate News on how important the ship really is.

"The Cecilia helps show the innovation of the FSED and the quality of Fortunan shipbuilding. As a voice for everyone, I’m sure those in the Naval branch our proud of their work. The ship also shows how far Fortuna has come in having a stronger, more modern navy. Just wait and see what we’ll come out with next." - Rachel Ettori

The Cecilia is expected to start her first mission in the coming months, although it is unsure on the destination. However many speculate she’ll be heading to the Medium Islands where Fortunan troops continue to combat guerrilla fighters who are against the Fortunan occupation. Even though the fighting has slowed down since the beginning of the operation, tension has slowly been rising along the border of Eridani Theta as Fortunan ships patrol the waters between Eridani Theta and the Telga Islands. It is still unclear on when the conflict in the Medium Islands will come to an end, but for now the brand new aircraft carrier has taken the spotlight for everyone.

Good evening everyone, this is Fortunate News. Today we go to Linaro Island where the final piece in defeating the rebels there has been placed. In a search and destroy mission just one week ago, Bernard Leon, the leader of the Free Fortunan Fighters (FFF), was killed. Following his death the final rebels in hiding on the island surrendered, ending the fighting on Linaro Island.

Bernard Leon was one of the leaders that helped unite Fortuna nearly 17 years ago. After the uniting of the nations, he formed the Free Republic of Fortuna, the opposition against Tristan Lytle’s takeover of the government. After a two years long fight for power, Leon was defeated and fled with his followers into the Medium Islands.

After the death if Leon, the last of the FFF surrendered to Fortunan troops. The defeat of the FFF, the remnants of the Free Republic, is a smashing victory of Fortuna. Since the beginning of the operation, the FFF have been the major aggressors against the annexation of the Medium Islands. Due to skirmishes with the FFF, around 150 brave Fortunan soldiers were killed with numerous civilian casualties. There have also been reports of FFF attacks against peaceful Fortunan fishing boats even way before the operation, an act that has labeled them as a terrorist group.

With the defeat of the FFF, Fortuna can now begin the final implementation of the islands into the homeland. This includes providing support for those affected by the fighting and giving citizenship to natives of the islands, making them full Fortunans. The victory against the FFF also allows for Fortunan troops to focus their efforts along the sea border of Eridani Theta where tensions continue to rise.

Good evening everyone, this is Fortunate News. Tensions rose again today between Fortuna and Eridani Theta when a Fortunan patrol vessel hit a Thetan fishing boat.

It started out when the Fortunan patrol vessel Marietta reported two Thetan fishing boats just west of the Telga Islands. According to the Fortunan Navy the fishing boats were fishing within Fortunan waters illegally. Because of this the Marietta was given the command to eject the fishing vessels from the Fortunan waters in any way possible. For an hour the Marietta commanded the boats to leave through megaphone, but the Thetan vessels showed no action to do so. The Marietta then went further by moving in closer to the boats and even used it’s water cannons against the fishing boats. It was during this confrontation when the Marietta hit one of the fishing boats, fortunately no one was hurt severely. The fishing boats however were boarded and their crew, nine in total, were taken to the Fortunan military base in the Telga Islands.

The Eridani Thetan government responded quickly to the actions taken by the Fortunan Navy, claiming that the waters that the two fishing boats were in were Eridani Thetan waters and demanded that the crew of the fishing boats be returned immediately. They also went on by threatening to “attack” any Fortunan ships that they find within their waters. Fortuna has not responded on the demands made by Eridani Theta concerning the nine fishermen, however Battista Lisone, the Head Admiral of the Fortunan Naval Forces, stated “If anything happens to one of my ships, be prepared for retaliation.” His statement was soon followed by an increase of Fortunan naval ships along the Fortuna/Eridani Theta sea border and more throwing of threats between the two island nations.

This situation also brings up another topic on where the sea border of the two nations starts and ends. After the successful annexation of the Medium Islands, Fortuna’s claim increased drastically and closed the gap between them and Eridani Theta. The claims on where the sea border is overlaps each other, with neither of the nations coming up with an agreement. This is one of the reasons that the Thetan fishing boats did not listen to the Fortunan patrol boat, claiming the waters that they were fishing in were actually Eridani Thetan waters. It is still unclear if the two nations will come up with an agreement, but if nothing is done then it is expected for the relationship between the two to make a turn for the worse.

Good evening everyone, this is Fortunate News. Eridani Thetan and Fortunan officials met last week in the Telga Islands to discuss prisoner swaps and a possible agreements.

Following the imprisonment of nine Eridani Thetan fishermen for trespassing onto Fortunan waters, discussions began immediately between the two dictatorships to calm down boiling tensions. Delegations from both nations met in the Telga Islands, recently added to Fortuna, where they talked behind closed doors on topics ranging from the imprisoned fishermen to an agreeable sea border. After eight days, the meeting came to a close.

In their meeting they agreed to do a prisoner swap with the Fortunan government returning the nine Eridani Thetans in return for five Fortunan citizens who were taken prisoner by the Eridani Thetan government nearly 10 years ago. The actual date when the swap will take place is unknown at the moment, but it is believed to take place before the end of the year.

The two nations also came to an agreement onto where the sea border should be, an important step towards easing tensions between Eridani Theta and Fortuna. However, both parties have stated that they do not have any intentions on removing ships from those waters and will continue to patrol their waters intently. Fortuna has also continued to strengthen their grip on the Medium Islands with the addition of more military bases on the islands, all recently built in less than three months. Due to their military presence and successful “Fortunification” of the natives, Fortuna now has a stronger footing in the Pacific.

Good evening everyone, this is Fortunate News. War has broke out in the east between the military alliances SEPCF and the Fire Pact while Fortuna continues their standoff with Eridani Theta.

After continuous aggression between the SEPCF and the Fire Pact after Stratarin and Tripartite State declared war on each other. Following the declaration of war, SEPCF naval vessels moved into the Gondwanan Bay in an effort to blockade the Tripartite State. Current casualties are unknown, however SEPCF troops appear to be gaining the higher ground and now are beginning their assault on the coast. There has also been reports of fighting taking place along the coast of Tetrid, who ally itself with the SEPCF, near the city of Draeset. Asendavia and Gliat Shea naval vessels, who ally themselves with the Fire Pact, are currently in combat with the Tetridian fleet in the area. This means that the conflict is spanning two continents and consist of nations nearly every corner of Urth.

Currently there have been no responses from military powers such as the VU, Northern Gondwanan Union, and the Pax on the current conflict taking place to the east and most likely will be staying neutral. Fortuna has stated that they will be staying neutral in this war and will not show any support to either alliance. “Stepping into this… mess will not be beneficial for us in any way,” Alexander Reason, head of the Foreign Affairs Department, told Fortunate News, “for now we will merely watch from the sidelines. If this conflict gets too close to home though, we will have no choice but to intervene.”

In other news, tensions rose again between Fortuna and Eridani Theta after the latter threatened to retaliate against “Fortunan aggression in the area” during Hiems week, one of Fortuna’s most revered holidays. In response Fortuna has stated that if an attack were to take place there would be consequences. Fortuna has also began tightening security in large cities as preparations continue for the festival.

Good evening, this is Fortunate News. Tragedy struck Eridani Theta as their ruler, Dictator Eldur Mironov, has fallen ill and died in his sleep over the weekend.

Eldur Mironov, the supreme ruler of Eridani Theta, has ruled the nation for over fifty year after successfully uniting the island nation after years of civil war. From the ashes of war, Mironov formed the nation Eridani Theta and successfully built up a flourishing country, ruling it with an iron fist and isolating them from the rest of the world. However, old age finally caught up with him and was bedridden for the last few years of his life. At the age of 81, Mironov’s life came to an end in the middle of the night.

Following his death, the Eridani Thetan government declared two weeks of mourning as they hastily work to find a replacement for their Head of Government. Mironov died with no living heirs, although he had two children in his lifetime. Mironov does have a wife, Empress Fan Xueyan, who would be the possible replacement for the Head of Government. However, it is unlikely Xueyan will step up to take the seat as leader as she too has lately fallen ill. It is still unknown though on what are the next steps that Eridani Theta will take and who will take the seat as the Head of State.

As a sign of respect, High Commander Lytle has ordered for the Fortunan fleet along Fortuna’s and Eridani Theta’s sea border to stand down. He as also stated that he will have a delegation sent to Eridani Theta to attend Mironov’s funeral and begin peace talks.

Good evening, this is Fortunate News. Eridani Theta has declared that their Speaker of the Council will become prime minister following the death of Dictator Mironov.

Soon after the two weeks of mourning for the death of Dictator Mironov came to an end, the State Council, the legislative branch of the Eridani Thetan government, have elected Speaker of the Council, Aran Lucius, as the new leader. Following his election as Head of Government, both the people of Eridani Theta and Empress Fan Xueyan have shown their support.

It is still uncertain what Lucius’s plan for the nation is, but he has hinted that he wishes to calm relations between Eridani Theta and Fortuna in his national address following his rise to power.

“We are all aware of the negative effects of violence and war. It merely causes more separation, more violence, and more death. Our past is filled with war and violence, and it was thanks to the actions of the Great Leader that peace finally came to our island. I promise that this peace shall continue onwards into the future and war shall forever be a thing of the past.”

  • Aran Lucius, from his national address

The Fortunan government has shown their acceptance of the new Eridani Thetan leader and see it as a new chance to soften relations. Peace talks are still ongoing and hopefully will be beneficial for the two island nations.

Good evening, this is Fortunate News. After days of negotiations, Fortuna and Eridani Theta have come to an agreement including limited military buildup along each others borders, trade agreements, and limited open borders.

Soon after the two nations came to an agreement, Fortunan naval vessels in along the Fortuna-Eridani Theta sea border have pulled back leaving behind a small number of patrol boats. Eridani Theta also did likewise. Following the drop in tension between the nations, international trade routes were reopened. Eridani Theta also agreed to limited trading with Fortuna which economic analysts say will benefit both nations immensely.

The opening of borders is also one of the high points created from the meeting. However, Fortunan visitors are only allowed into the southern states of Eridani Theta while Eridani Thetan visitors are only allowed in the Medium Islands. Visitors are limited only those participating in political and business matters. Lucius also stated that he is open to allowing for Clarity missionaries to enter the southern states of Eridani Theta.

High Commander Tristan Lytle and Prime Minister Aran Lucius have agreed to meet in the Telga Islands to further calm relations and discuss future goals.

Good evening, this is Fortunate News. A Fortunan was brutally murdered by a radical nationalist while on a business trip in Eridani Theta.

Orso Livio, a Fortunan businessman, was brutally murdered on Eridani Thetan soil. According to Eridani Thetan officials, the murderer, Guistino Ulisse, came up behind Mr. Livio and beat him with a crowbar. For a couple minutes Ulisse continued to beat him while yelling “death to the enemy” and “for the great leader.” Once Livio was no longer moving, Ulisse ran from the scene. Thanks to street cameras and local witnesses, law enforcement were quick in apprehending Ulisse. However, they were too late to save Livio.

Following the news of Livio’s death, the Fortunan government demanded for Ulisse to be sent to Fortuna to face trial. The Eridani Thetan government was quick to react to Fortuna’s demand and have stated that they have no intentions to send Ulisse to Fortuna.

“The crime was done on our soil. It is only fair for us to put the criminal put on trial in our nation,” an Eridani Thetan representative told reporters. Based on the crime committed, he later mentioned, Ulisse will most likely face public execution.

“The actions of Ulisse were uncalled for and a setback in our efforts in building relations with our neighbors to the south,” Prime Minister Aran Lucius stated on the matter. “As much as I believe we should honor our Great Leader, we must stop living in the past and look towards the future.”