Forum Category Permission Update

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Reduction of categories that are visible to guests and new users.

When a new user registers they will be prompted to fill out a registration form (in dev ⁠Forum form registration - Discord) that will create their first post in Newcomers Start Here that will list their answers but also link to other resources. Based on their answers will determine how to mask, where to direct a new forum user and perhaps a better community onboarding process.

Tentatively these would be pubic categories and full access notes

“Landing” - no special masking for full access

  • Newcomers Start Here

“Government” - citizen masking for full access

  • The Plaza
  • The Magisterium
  • The Executive
  • UTEP

“Urth” - multipass masking for full access

  • Nation Creation Starts Here
  • Urth
  • News Broadcasts
  • Alternate Timelines

“Support” - no special masking for full access

  • Administrative Announcements
  • Community Support

“Archives” - “gravedigger” masking required to view everything.


  • Archives - by default, certain government masking will be able to see relevant archives to their roles.
  • “Government” and “Urth” permissions were already completed back when we switched forums.


Making sure everyone has the right permissions before this goes into effect is a priority.