Forum Ownership Change / Info

As of 6/11/2020 I have transferred my ownership of the forum to [mention]nonprofit[/mention] , an account owned by The East Pacific Community Corporation, which is a nonprofit that has been created that will be dedicated to managing all of The East Pacific off-site OOC properties.

Previously, I had ownership of the forum,,, twitter, and Gmail/YouTube, but those have all now been transferred to the The East Pacific Community Corporation. The Board of Directors currently consists of Pax, Stooley and myself.

A Few Notes:

  • will be transferred to the nonprofit at a later date.

  • We’re looking into transferring all official Discord ownerships to a TEPCC account

Here’s a slide that goes over key points:

Deduct u some o dat CASH MONEY 🏧 amirite?

I, for one, welcome our new corporate overlords. 🤑

Coming in with a sweet PowerPoint (okay, Google Slides) presentation as well.

why you actually registered with Texas to make it considered a nonprofit is beyond me

I love that the revenue model lists donations three times more than necessary. 😂