Forum RP Officer Nominations February 2021


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As RP Admin, it is my duty to open this by-election. Thereby, as of right now, nominations are now OPEN. Any citizen may nominate any citizen, and self-nominations are allowed, although they will require a second. Nominations must be made in this thread only and must include a name (nominating everyone is disallowed). Please be aware of the following:
1.) Only members of TEP’s forum roleplaying universe have the rights to bear this position; therefore anyone outside of the forum roleplaying universe who has been nominated will not be included.
2.) If someone is nominated by another citizen, they MUST accept or decline their nomination. This will prevent an inactive roleplayer from becoming the Forum RP Officer.
3.) If a member of TEP’s forum roleplaying universe accepts their nomination but has been found to have been inactive within Forum RP for over one month, regardless of if it’s in the nomination or voting phase; they will be dismissed.

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By-Election schedule:

The nomination period runs from now until TWO days from this date, ending Friday 19th February 2021 at 14:30 (2:30PM) UTC.

Friday 19th February 2021 at 14:30 (2:30PM) UTC to Monday 22nd February 2021 at 14:30 (2:30PM) UTC (exactly 68 hours or three days) will be the voting period. Voting will be for members of TEP’s forum roleplaying universe only- you must vote in the appropriate thread in order for your vote to count. Voters will vote for a listed candidate or abstain.

More info on the voting thread will be posted when the thread is posted. Any questions may be asked in this thread, but please refrain from turning this thread into a discussion. Remember, it should be for nominations.

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Candidate list:



  • Norgsveldet (DECLINED)
  • Socialist Dylan (DECLINED)
  • Sokala (ACCEPTED)
  • Cryria (DECLINED)
  • Mangegneithe (DECLINED)
  • SirShadow (ACCEPTED)
  • Tretrid (DECLINED)
  • Arkalarius (DECLINED)
  • Dylan (DECLINED)
  • Asendavia (UNDISCLOSED)
  • Pagistar (DECLINED)
  • Blueacia (ACCEPTED)

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I would like to nominate Norgs to a second term.

I nominate Norgs and SocDyl

I nominate Art, Cryria and Mangegneithe.

I accept my nomination :>

I nominate Shadow, Tretrid, and Arkia.

I nominate SocDyl and Aivintis

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I nominate Art, Cryria and Mangegneithe.

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Unfortunately, I am much to busy with my positions in FNR and even my positions in TEP to consider running the Department and representing the entirety of the Evolved community, and that is even aside from irl obligations and grand RP plans. Additionally, at this time, I do not think I could adequately represent the community, certainly not as well as other candidates, simply because I’m not as familiar with the community as I should be. For those reasons, I decline my nomination.

For exemplary service in the past, I nominate Dylan and Asendavia. On top of that, I nominate Pagi and Blueacia.

I politely decline my nomination due to being busy irl

With my position as Provost and RP Admin, I will respectfully decline. Maybe one day, again.


I nominate Norgs for a second term.

In regards to my nomination, I will sadly have to respectfully decline. I do not have the free time to accept such a role at the moment, hence I will not be running for RP Officer.

I humbly decline my nomination. I have recognized that despite my wish to assist forum rp when possible, I am not suited for a role of such responsibility and lack the skillset that is required to be an effective FRP Officer ot Deputy.

I hereby accept my nomination. It’s up to the people if they want me in office though

I decline my nomination for certain personal issues i’m dealing with but I will always be up for working with the Forum department. I would also like to nominate Asendavia and Gio.

I hereby accept my nomination also

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I nominate Art, Cryria and Mangegneithe.

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I will have to humbly decline my nomination as well, my rl has been getting increasingly busy, and truth be told I can’t really claim to have been around long enough to have much of a clue about such a position.