Forum RP Officer Nominations June 2021


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As RP Admin, it is my duty to open this by-election. Thereby, as of right now, nominations are now OPEN. Any citizen may nominate any citizen, and self-nominations are allowed, although they will require a second. Nominations must be made in this thread only and must include a name (nominating everyone is disallowed). Please be aware of the following:
1.) Only members of TEP’s forum roleplaying universe have the rights to bear this position; therefore anyone outside of the forum roleplaying universe who has been nominated will not be included.
2.) If someone is nominated by another citizen, they MUST accept or decline their nomination. This will prevent an inactive roleplayer from becoming the Forum RP Officer.
3.) If a member of TEP’s forum roleplaying universe accepts their nomination but has been found to have been inactive within Forum RP for over one month, regardless of if it’s in the nomination or voting phase; they will be dismissed.

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By-Election schedule:

The nomination period runs from now until TWO days from this date, ending Friday 18th June 2021 at 22:35 (10:35PM) UTC.

Friday 18th June 2021 at 22:35 (10:35PM) UTC to Monday 21st June 2021 at 22:35 (10:35PM) UTC (exactly 68 hours or three days) will be the voting period. Voting will be for members of TEP’s forum roleplaying universe only- you must vote in the appropriate thread in order for your vote to count. Voters will vote for a listed candidate or abstain.

More info on the voting thread will be posted when the thread is posted. Any questions may be asked in this thread, but please refrain from turning this thread into a discussion. Remember, it should be for nominations.

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Candidate list:



  • Sammy23 (DECLINED)
  • Arkalarius (UNDISCLOSED)
  • The Oan Isles (UNDISCLOSED)
  • Tuva (DECLINED)
  • Asendavia (UNDISCLOSED)
  • Socialist Dylan (DECLINED)
  • Norgsveldet (ACCEPTED)
  • Kyrla (DECLINED)
  • Kyon Thomas (ACCEPTED OUT OF TIME)

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I declare my intent to be Forum RP Officer

I’d like to nominate myself for a second term. However, I’d also like to nominate SirShadow, Sammy, Arkia and Oan.

I second the nominations of Art, Shadow, Arkalarius and Oan. I also nominate Tuva, Pagi, Asendavia, Phos, Socialist Dylan, Norgsveldet, Asmo and Kyon.

After having thought about it carefully, I decline my nomination. However, I’d like to state that I’ll run for the position in October, a month before I finish as Chancellor of UTEP.

Upon my desicion to not recognize the TEP government, I decline my nomination.

I decline my nomination, and second Shadow, Tuva, Pagi, Phos and Norgs.

Upon, careful thought. I accept my nomination

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I’m honored to have been nominated, but I will have to decline this time around, as I wish to focus on my cartographic duties (not to mention all the roleplaying that I need to catch up on lol)

I, Kyon, declare my intent to be Forum RP Officer.

The nomination period has closed. To vote, click Forum RP Officer Voting June 2021 - The East Pacific - Tapatalk.