Forum Spring Cleaning 2023

How can we improve the layout of the forum?

What suggestions do you have for removal, addition, or modification of sections?

I will take theming suggestions at this time as well. We could go for a classic look or something entirely new. Let us know!

Please make your suggestions straightforward and provide some examples if possible.

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Dumped my list of suggestions on the homepage from Discord. My biggest problem with the forum is & always was that it is immediate information overload and scares people away. We need to shave it down to as little as possible so that people think it’s approachable and will be willing to try it out; we can start with the easy things: the social area, the government, then once that’s cleaned up ask Urth gang what they think they can consolidate or eliminate on their end.

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I agree with AMOM on this. I think most of the stuff can either be archived or consolidated. I feel like the forums’ only purpose is record keeping or templates bin.

I will see where I can add this to my calendar for Thursday and If any other suggestions come in from now until then. I will look into the RP section a bit more as I have a survey in development to touch base with forum roleplayers.

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