Fourth Education Act

This passed the Magisterium August 14, 2017

After 10 days without a veto, it became law

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BE IT ENACTED by the Magisterium of the East Pacific:

SECTION I. Short Title
This act shall be known and cited as the “Fourth Education Act.”

SECTION II. Findings
The Magisterium finds that -
(1) albeit defunct and closed, the region wishes to re-establish the University of the East Pacific (UTEP).
(2) To ensure a unified and practical approach to education, the Delegate and the Executive will be in charge of administering the University of the East Pacific.
(3) core functions of UTEP are the education of new citizens about NationStates and encouraging debate, study and free thinking within the The East Pacific.

SECTION III. Provisions
(1) The Delegate, or any executive appointee for that purpose by the Delegate, is assigned the duties of administrating the University.
(2) The Delegate, or any such appointee, shall be able to organise The East Pacific University as they see fit.
(3) Teachings, writings, or any other form of publication related to or posted in The East Pacific University will be protected by free speech as outlined in Artice F, Section 1) of the Concordat.
(4) The East Pacific University will administer the Bachtendekuppen Memorial Library.
(5) Hereby repeals the Education Reform Act.

SECTION IV. Enactment
This act shall be enacted upon its signature by the Delegate, except if the Magisterium votes to override a veto of this bill by the Delegate.

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The Magisterium voted the Curia Act 18-2 on September 15th, 2019. Following the provisions of the Curia act, this law has been repealed. The discussion thread can be seen, and the voting thread Vote: The Curia Act - The East Pacific - Tapatalk