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OOC: Here we go. The following was taken from the invasion thread back in the original alternate universe. Please note that after this event, none of the events depicted in that thread occured, excepting Kellsek’s pledge to support Packilvania.

Hello, and welcome to www.FPSBC.com, the official website of the East Pacific’s alternate, boringly factual, and nuetral news stories. The current time is 1:30 PM. Our major news story for today is:

Union of Cybernetic Republics of Packilvania succesfully invades HoopHoopLand!

At exactly 9:00 AM this morning, a total of thirty Packilvanian troop pods fired from orbiting ships into HoopHoopLand airspace. HoopHoopLand Air Force fighters scrambled to intersect, but only succesfully attacked one of the pods, and did not even succesfully shoot the troop lander down.

Ten minutes later, all thirty pods hit the ground within HoopHoopLand, and began a full scale invasion. Within twenty minutes after that, the Presidential Palace, General Military Headquarters, and Strategic Military Headquarters had been stormed and captured.

Just Fourty minutes after that, at exactly 10:20 AM this morning, President Pratt, possibly under Packilvanian influence, ordered his troops to surrendur, and ordered that his entire population allow itself to be assimilated into the Packilvanian hive mind. Mild resistance continued for the next several hours, however those that did resist were either killed or captured and then forcefully assimilated.

However, resistance did not stop there. Several large HoopHoopLandish ports and military bases attempted to escape the island and reach the relative safety of other nations, or even the unclaimed shoreline. However, with the pledge of support by Kellsek, numberous naval vessels were moved into the area, and these Kellsekian fleets kept the majority of these efforts from succeding, and in total around 700 HoopHoopLanders are estimated to have escaped, nearly 150 having seeked harboring in an FPS Task Force in the area.

As of yet, only the government of FPS has responded, offering amnesty to those who escaped, and condemning the invasion. However, President Terrus has promised to keep the nation nuetral in any conflict that were to occur.

Yet, according to recent military reports, it seems both Kellsek and Packilvania are stepping up their forces in the area to full alert. The question is, who might appose them?

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OOC: Please note, this topic is only for the newspaper, whos articles I’ll publish to sum up, nuetrally, what’s happened thus far. Personal message me to include editorials. It may seem like a stupid idea, but a regional newspaper could work. I’ll make a topic about the invasion ASAP.