Fraxhemark Times

Liberal Dictator Abides By His Promise
Leader Robert Van Dyke took a significant step today. Often known to be liberal than his father, he has shown his liberal attitude today by taking matters in his own hands and passed a strict privacy law. The citizens applauded the gesture which reduces wiretapping and among other things, makes them a criminal offense. Breach of privacy by authorities has been significant since the monarchy days and the late Supreme Leader Frederick did little for its improvement.
Eventhough Political Freedom do remain unheard of, his achievements in personal freedoms for the citizens have made his approval rating reach 83.76%, his all time high.
Ever since his rise to power, Robert van Dyke has passed laws like Compulsory organ donation, the Local Industries Encouragment Scheme which boosted the Automobile Industry of Fraxhemark, the Education Act which makes education a top priority in expenditure and the Pledge of Allegiance Act. This Strict Privacy Law is a significant step towards his liberal dictatorship.